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My Little Pony Equestria Girls Movie Review

Hey Lovelies! Following yesterday post I'm being true to myself and doing a blog post I really want to do even if some people aren't too bothered :) I will be doing a review of the sequel too at some point in the near future aswell as some Disney and normal posts. Anyway I saw Equestria Girls on Netflix about 2 weeks ago and loved it! It was what got me obsessed with MLP in the first place and then I saw the sequel and the actual TV show and loved it even more!! I know alot of MLP fans were unsure about this and I have to admit before loving MLP, when I saw the dolls and things in shops I thought they were super random but now I actually want two!!

Equestria Girls are a spin-off franchise from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which features all our favourite ponies in a human form for the first time. The movie is set in an alternative world of Equestria at Canterlot High. This movie is set after the events of Series 3 finale when Twilight Sparkle has just become a princess and goes to The Crystal Empire with all her friends to visit Princess Celestia, Luna and Cadance for royal duties.

During the night someone steals Twilight's tiara and Element of Magic but makes too much noise which wakes the ponies up to see the thief at the door. They rush to get the tiara back and end up taking the thief's cloak revealing that the thief is actually Sunset Shimmer, Princess Celestia former student. She jumps through a mirror with the tiara before anyone can find her. The next morning Celestia tells the girls all about Sunset Shimmer and that the mirror leads to an alternative world. They task Twilight the job of getting the tiara back but let her know that the portal will close again soon and won't open for another 30 moons so she has to get back in time otherwise The Elements of Harmony can't protect Equestria. Twilight accepts the challenge and is about the step through the mirror when Rainbow Dash asks if she and the others can go with her but Celestia informs the girls that Twilight must do this alone, the only person who can accompany her is her pet dragon, Spike.

The girls say goodbye to Twilight and wish her luck and off she goes. When she comes out the portal she is shocked to find that she looks totally different, she is now human! Spike also changes into a dog to fit into the neighbourhood. Twilight figures she should probably check the castle first but as soon as she enters the building she realises that this isn't a castle anymore...

Welcome to Canterlot High! Twilight is super scared and has never seen everything like it but the more she looks, the more looks familiar to her. While walking she sees a girl being yelled at by another girl. Twilight's first instinct is to defend the girl so she walks straight up to the bully and tells her to stop. After the girl walks away, the other shy girl walks over and tells her thanks as nobody ever stands up to Sunset Shimmer, the meanest girl at Canterlot High. Alarm bells when Twilight realises that Sunset was the girl she was looking for. She asks the girl her name and she is no quiet nobody can hear until Spike comes out and the girl goes mad. As soon as Twilight sees her face she instantly looks really familiar. The girl tells Twilight that her name is Fluttershy and she LOVES animals. She even works at the animal shelter in her spare time. Twilight can't believe it, is that really her friend Fluttershy?!

Twilight takes the opportunity and asks about Sunset Shimmer. Fluttershy tells her that she was just sitting by the school statue and a tiara hit her on her head so she took it to Principal Celestia! Twilight needs that tiara and finds out the only way to get it back to go head to head with Sunset Shimmer to become Fall Formal Princess at the school dance. Fluttershy then let's her know that the head of the dance in the hall and to go see her.

Twilight makes her way to the hall and finds a girl that looks alot like Pinkie Pie. Twilight wonders then when she automatically calls her Pinkie Pie, the girl screams and says how did you know?! Twilight still couldn't believe it and as she is writing her name on the sign up sheet, another girl walks in with crates of apple cider. Twilight hears a familiar country voice but it couldn't be AppleJack, could it?!

Twilight decides that to win Fall Formal Princess she needs to study humans as much as possible so spends her night in the library. The next morning she wakes up prepared and ready to make new friends to vote for her but to her surprise everyone is laughing at her when she walks down the hall. Suddenly someone pulls Twilight away into a room and starts measuring her, when she looks up Twilight realises it's Rarity, the school fashion guru. All of a sudden Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and AppleJack rush into the room and show her a video of her acting weirdly in the library last night. Twilight can't believe Sunset Shimmer would go so low to hurt her.

Twilight soon wonders why all her friends aren't together and having fun when they all tell her that they were friends in the first years but things tore them apart so now aren't friends at all! Twilight can't believe it, not friends?! Twilight figures out that the different events that happened that tore them apart were all set ups by Sunset Shimmer to force them apart as they were all different and she needed cliques. All the girls make up and say sorry..well nearly all of them..

There was a girl with bright coloured hair on the football pitch all alone, practising goals. AppleJack went over and talked to her and they hugged and said sorry to one another. AppleJack explained to the girls that her and Rainbow Dash had made up and it was all Sunset Shimmer fault again. Rainbow challenges Twilight to a football match to decide whether Rainbow helps or not. As expected Rainbow Dash wins, since she is the captain of every school sport team! Rainbow tells Twilight that she will still help her win Fall Formal Princess as she knew she wouldn't win since she is so awesome. Twilight has brought all her friends back together and now they have to win Fall Formal Princess to save the school from Sunset Shimmer.

Will they be able to stop Sunset Shimmer in time? Can they work together? Can they save Canterlot High?

I was really impressed by this movie as I first saw this movie knowing nothing at MLP, the characters, plot or back stories and I still got the idea. Most films that you watch from a TV show you have know a little bit about the actual show before watching but I can say you can watch this without watching the TV show first, of course somethings make more sense such as Twilight saying she just getting used to her wings as I didn't know she hadn't had them before hand ;)

The plot is a pretty normal high school plot with the top mean girl and her friends trying to get rid of her. The difference was that Sunset Shimmer wasn't planning on just being top of the school, she wanted rule Equestria and take over using the Element of Magic in Twilight tiara and you don't get that kinda stuff in Mean Girls ;) I'm glad that the main characters personalities didn't seem to change and they still feel like themselves.

The one thing was that it seems all our pony friends go to Canterlot High School as humans in this world even though in the TV show it seems they are more adult-like with jobs but I guess they are like 15/16 in this world? Anyway that soon goes over your head! 

I really loved that they added music to this movie as I didn't expect it since I'd never seen MLP and heard the songs before. I think the outfits and design of the characters are spot on and I couldn't have done a better job, it's just how I would imagine. I love how every character has their cutie mark somewhere on them still.

That's it for my My Little Pony Equestria Girls review. I hope it helped some people decide whether it is for them or not :) Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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