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My Top 5 Rainbow Rocks Shorts!

Hey Lovelies! So another My Little Pony today but I think this might be last video post of MLP till Season 5..i hope ;) I will doing disney versions soon so look forward to those but today I'm listing my Top 5 Rainbow Rocks Shorts. 

 These shorts came out a few months before the 2nd Equestria Girls movie, Rainbow Rocks came out to give beginning to the gang and their instruments..I personally love them and decided they need more credit so here you go!

5. Hamstocalyspe Now - Fluttershy

I was slightly sad that Fluttershy was at the end of my list at 5 but this my least favourite out the 5 so it had to be :| I love Fluttershy but this short just didn't interest me like the others do sadly, nevertheless it's still pretty good and I do love the friendship between Fluttershy and Rarity.

4. Piano Player - Rarity

I'm not the biggest fan of Rarity but I did really like this short and found it rather entertaining. I felt this short showed the real rarity will always wanting the best and the most glamorous. I'm glad she decided to have the cool piano guitar thing though as I feel a grand piano isn't really for their band ;)

3. A Case for the Bass - AppleJack

I love anything with AppleJack in as I love her attitude and personality plus you can't not love her accent!! This short is no exception and I really like it :) I love how Flim and Flam appear and I'm super sorry for AppleJack since she seems the only pony to ever have a problem with these guys..even in the human world!! I love the way her friends stick up for her in this short and again Flim and Flam + AppleJack = trouble!

2. Guitar Centered - Rainbow Dash

SURPRISED?! Yeah I know most of you probably thought..yeah we know whose gunna be first but nope today Rainbow Dash is actually second on my list..she won't like that ;) I LOVE this short and I was so close to just making a joint first place since I love this one so much! I feel every character has the right personality in this short and they are show it plus you have to love abit of Trixie!

1. Pinkie on the One - Pinkie Pie

That's right Pinkie Pie has my favourite Rainbow Rocks short! So in all honestly I probably wouldn't love this short as much if Rainbow Dash wasn't in it as much as she is as I feel Pinkie's and Rainbow's friendship is a strange one ;) My favourite bit has to be when Pinkie covers Rainbow Dash in purple glitter! It reminds me alot of sister too since she has alot of energy to burn and she even has an electronic drum..no wonder she's my sister's favourite!!

Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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