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My 15 Favourite My Little Pony Characters

Hey Lovelies! I'm in another MLP mood today and I finally watched Equestria Girls with my Mum, it was great :) I decided to do another favourites but about my top 15 MLP characters..you may already know how will be top of my list..but do you know the rest?? If you know your cutie marks well you might already know some of the characters on my list ;) 

15. Big Mac - Earth Pony

Number 15 on my list is AppleJack and Apple Bloom's big brother, Big Mac. I really love his character since all he really says is yup and nope, and that's good enough for me!

14. Spike - Dragon

I remember Spike in some of the older MLP that I used to watch, which used to creep me out actually..it was alot more random but I love that some of the characters still exist even if it's only a name! I love how Spike is always trying to find himself and what he does in the group, he is the perfect sidekick!

13. Twilight Sparkle - Alicorn

OMG?! The main character isn't higher?! I'm not the biggest fan of Twilight Sparkle and as a character she kinda bores me but I guess you have to have that kinda know-it-all, smart, sensible one in the friend group and Twilight is that friend..and let's face it I'm pretty sure if she wasn't there the other would be pretty screwed, Twilight knows everything!!

12. Princess Celestia - Alicorn

I'm actually surprised Celestia was so low on my list once writing it all down as I do love her especially her floaty pastel hair! I think is super sweet and I love the relationship between her and her sister, Luna..but really it's the floaty hair that does it for me!!

11. Rarity - Unicorn

So Rarity the next one out of the Mane 6, don't get me wrong I do love Rarity but I'm not that fashion style crazy and she just annoys me sometimes. I do love Rarity takes Manehattan though as she really makes me laugh during that episode! 

 10. Trixie Lulamoon - Unicorn

Trixie actually gets on my nerves ALOT but I love her in the second episode she is in 'Magic Duel'. I like her determination to be the best unicorn in Equestria and DAMN she never gives up! I think she is a strong character and I hope we see her again soon :)

9. Cutie Mark Crusaders - Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth Pony

Now I know that the CMC include 3 different ponies but I can't leave any out, they are too cute! I think my favourite from the group is Apple Bloom and I have no clue why!? I love their never give up attitude and their adventures are the best plus a few of their songs are super catchy!!

8. Discord - Draconequus

Discord has to be my favourite MLP villain, he is just so super cool with it and you gotta love abit of chaos ;) Of course I love the reformed Discord too but his humour and nonsense just make me laugh everytime. I also love his little relationship with Fluttershy, that's the cutest!

 7. Fluttershy - Pegasus

Just like with Celestia I was totally surprised that Fluttershy was only 7 but I do love to pieces! I love how she is just so super quiet and shy but then if you mess with her friends..let's just say your in trouble ;) My favourite friendship is definitely Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy since they are both pegasi but different in everyway! 

6. Pinkie Pie - Earth Pony

Pinkie Pie is actually my sister's favourite pony and she loves the episodes that involve her. My favourite thing about Pinkie is that she is so super unique and different that people think she's slightly insane and crazy but I love that she is different and fun! I defiantly have alot of Pinkie Pie in me as I love jumping, bouncing, smiling, laughing and I'm pretty random ;)

5. Princess Cadance - Alicorn

I love Cadance so much! She is my favourite princess and she is super pretty. I love her personality and attitude plus again her hair is awesome! I love that we see her get married and that was a troubled time in itself..if you watched it you know what I mean ;) She seems really kind and princess-like but not super royal like Celestia, I like that :)


 4. AppleJack - Earth Pony

That's right AppleJack is my second favourite from the Mane 6. I love her attitude and her personality. I'm surprised that she is actually my second favourite since she isn't the girly pony in Equestria but I think that why I love her. I also really like how much she loves her family and the episode 'Somepony to watch over me' is one of my favourites since it reminds me of myself and my younger sister :) My favourite things about her other than what I've already said have to be her accent (how can you not love it?!) and THE HAT!! I have a really giant love for her hat..i need one!!!!!

3. Spitfire - Pegasus

Spitfire is the leader of the elite flying team 'The Wonderbolts' and I flaming love her. She is so bold, sassy and strong, in real life she would probably scare me to death, aha!! Her fire-like hair and serious eyes are just perfect and I love her characteristics. I wish she was in more episodes to be honest :)

2. Daring Do - Pegasus

I'm a massive fan of Daring Do and I'm hoping to get the actual book series for my birthday. I love how she is like the female (pony) version of Indiana Jones, kinda like Lara Croft. 'Daring Don't' is one of my favourite episodes and when I first saw it I didn't want to end because it was so good. I can't wait to read the books and go on more adventures with Daring Do!

 1. Rainbow Dash - Pegasus

Did you guess..? Of course number one has to be the best, my girl Rainbow Dash! I absolutely love her and she is by far my favourite character in the show. I love her personality and attitude even if sometimes she can be just abit confident, arrogant, self-obsessed, self-centered and egotistical. I understand some people don't like her for those reasons but I think that just makes her a better character. I actually thing that sometimes Rainbow is actually misunderstood as the ego side normally comes on when she is threaten or insecure. In 'The Cutie Mark Chronicles' we see that when she was younger she was actually bullied by other ponies calling her names like Rainbow Crash so I think that her feisty bold attitude is actually a front sometimes to protect herself. We see other sides of Rainbow Dash during 'Read it and Weep' when she has to admit to liking reading even though she teased Twilight about it earlier in the episode. 'Testing 1..2..3' is probably my favourite episode from the whole show as it really shows you a more vulnerable side to Rainbow that you hardly see when she realises she can't pass a test to help her dream of being in the Wonderbolts. She describes herself as dumb, a loser and how years of being class clown never helped her, we've never really experienced this side to Rainbow Dash before as she is normally bold, strong and boosting herself up. I actually relate to Rainbow Dash in alot of personality way as I can sometimes come across self-centered and egotistical but really it's just a wall that I put up to protect myself sometimes and it's part of me..and I'm proud! I have so much to say about why I love Rainbow Dash that I might do other post about it as it isn't just because I love her rainbow hair (I do though!)...but it's a tv show so not too deep ;)
If you wanna read more about the deeper side then I read this and found it interesting.. http://www.equestriaforums.com/index.php?topic=6874.0

Rainbow Dash: You only mentioned it about fifteen times on the train here.
Rarity: [sarcastically, to Rainbow Dash] Yes, and we never hear a peep out of you about your exploits.
Rainbow Dash: Heh, point taken. 
- Twilight's Kingdom (Part 1)
I also wanna share a new MLP song that I love and inspires me right now. I found the extended version on Youtube but it's originally from the Season 4 finale 'Twilight's Kingdom'

Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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