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Currently I Am..February 2015

Hey lovelies! Back to a monthly post today, it's time for my Currently I Am post. I really love this post as it just gives you a lowdown on what going on in my life :) Also daily blog posts..what?! Yeah I can't believe for the past few days I've been blogging daily, which I haven't done in ages! You can thank the MLP & Equestria Girls soundtrack since that's all I listen to while I'm blogging right now and I will use any chance to listen to it including daily blogs ;) Anyway let's rock on and find out what I'm currently doing...

Reading...still the ever after high storybook, but I wanna get the MLP guidebook!
Watching...my little pony constantly!!
Playing...nothing at the moment but I've been watching loads of gaming videos :)
Trying...to be awesome everday ;)
Eating...tons of fruit pastels, totally addicted.
Cooking...yet again nothing at all!!
Texting...my best friend about my little pony, pins and disney.
Pinning...disney, musicals, my little pony and happy thoughts ♥
Tweeting...my latest blog posts
Crafting...does My Little Pony colouring and stickers count?!
Doing...alot of blogging, yay for blog posts :)
Going...to watch more My Little Pony tonight and do some colouring later ♥
Loving...the new Ever After High Spring Unsprung and of course MY LITTLE PONY!!
Hating...that the UK my little pony merch is crappy, unlike the US..we need a Hot Topic!!
Enjoying...having cuddles with my Rainbow Dash plush and new weighted blanket :)
Thinking...of my birthday next month..abit early ;)
Feeling...really good for once! 
Hoping...that MLP season 5 will come out soon ♥
Listening (to)...my little pony and equestria girls soundtrack all the time!!!
Celebrating...that I'm feeling better than I have in the last few months :')
Considering...who my true friends are and how much they mean to me even though some of them live miles away ♥
Finishing...feeling useless, I'm awesome and I know it :')
Starting...love my life more and I'm truly thankful for that ♥

That's my life at the moment..filled with alot of awesomeness and my little pony! 
Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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