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Ever After High: Spring Unsprung Review

Hey Lovelies! I'm so excited since Ever After High's newest special episode came out today on Netflix. I had do a review/overview of it for all the other Ever After High fans :)

If you don't know what Ever After High is then let me explain...Ever After High is a school for sons and daughters of fairy tales from Snow White to Little Red Riding Hood. It is a Youtube series containing loads of mini episodes lasting about 2 minutes or so and every now and then a special 45 minute episode happens to tell a big story, normally about an event.

This season at Ever After High the students were enjoying the Spring Unsprung festival with different fairground rides, amazing food and lots of amazing fashion! The story mainly focuses around the Wonderland gang especially Kitty, the daughter of the Cheshire Cat, which is different since most of the stories normally focus on more of the main characters like Apple White and Raven Queen or the Royal/Rebel story line..but that's a long story!

In the earlier years the Evil Queen took over Wonderland and planned to destroy it, she never finished the spell before being imprisoned. The Grimm Brothers blocked every portal to Wonderland except one magical well that flowed Wonder in Ever After High, which kept it happy and light. Only Lizzie Hearts, the daughter of the Queen of Hearts, has a map that shows where the well is as it never stays in the same place for too long. Kitty has yet to impress her Mum with her mischief skills and dreams of making her Mum proud. She video chats her Mum daily and shows her little pranks including throwing ice cream at Duchess but her Mum thinks they are childish and boring.

Meanwhile, in Wonderland we join Alister, who are the son of Alice, and Bunny, the daughter of the White Rabbit. They are stuck in Wonderland and their fate is uncertain when they come across a book in a nearby lake they realise it's The Storybook of Legends. The Storybook of Legends is a book all the students have sign to follow their destines. During the last special Thronecoming Briar Beauty, daughter of Sleeping Beauty, found the book but through it in the well since she didn't want to sign. She thought she has lost the book and her problem was solved but she didn't know that she threw it down the portal to Wonderland! Alister and Bunny decide that they have to find the portal and get the book back to the right place. 

Back in Ever After, the festival is in full flow and Ginger Breadhouse, daughter of the witch in Hansel and Gretel, can't wait to enter the baking competition but to complete her recipe she needs Wonderland water. She asked Maddie, daughter of the Mad Hatter, and she guides her to Lizzie for the map to the well for the water. When Ginger finds it she can seems to get any water, it keeps diving out of her jug and in one move she ends up falling into the well!

While on their journey Alister and Bunny bump into Kitty's Mum who secretly swaps the books. Unknown to Alister and Bunny they continue down the well passing Ginger and finally reach Ever After High. When they enter the festival they get to see all their Wonderland friends again. Alister takes out the book and shows Headmaster Grimm but to his surprise it's a fake! Everyone leaves and doesn't believe any of the Wonderlandians. 

During the baking competition Apple finds the book and starts reading. Soon the competition starts and she cheats by adding chili power to Raven's food. This is out of character for Apple and Raven starts to worry. When she finds out Cedar, who can never ever lie is lying and Ashlynn Ella is trashing the woods even though she normally loves nature she starts to really worry and with the help of some other friends finds out that they are under a deep curse. 

Will Kitty stand up to her Mum? Can the Wonderlandians save Ever After High? And where is the Storybook of Legends?!

In my opinion this is the best special episode we have had. I hope someone puts it on Youtube for everyone to see since I know this was the first time you it was a Neflix only thing..strangely?? I absolutely loved all the new characters like Alister and Bunny plus some of the existing characters such Kitty. I love Kitty and I was always sad that she didn't get as much attention as other characters so I'm so happy that this special was focused on her and gave her more depth as a character. 

My favourite part was definitely when some of the main characters were under the curse and acted opposite to their natural selves. I'm not sure if anyone else thought this but if your a My Little Pony fan..did it remind you of Discord in Return of Harmony?! If you don't watch My Little Pony let me just tell you the similarities :) Both Kitty's Mum and Discord loves chaos and mischief and want to spread. They curse the land, which leads the main characters to act opposite to who they are. 
For example..Ever After High..Apple White turns evil, Daring Charming turns into a coward, Ashlynn Ella and Hunter hates nature and cleanness and Cedar can lie all the time! Now for My Little Pony...Fluttershy turns mean, Pinkie Pie turns boring and hates laughter, AppleJack lies all the time, Rainbow Dash has no loyalty and can't be bothered with her friends or helping and Rarity becomes a greedy hoarder that can't share anything! Discord drains Ponyville of sunshine and happiness and Kitty's Mum does the same to Ever After High. The Wonderlandians have to save the day by working together and Twilight Sparkle has to save the day by saving her friends and using the Elements of Harmony..Seeing the similarities yet?

I know that different companies have to compete with other brands to get better sales and more fans and use each other ideas over and over..since I'm pretty sure My Little Pony wasn't the first to do this. I LOVE that Ever After High decided to do something like this because I love episodes like this and the My Little Pony episodes are some of my favourites from the show..I just enjoy them :)

ENOUGH My Little Pony..this is an Ever After High review and in conclusion I think this special is the best of the best and it was totally AWESOME! It didn't feel rush at all and I think 45 minutes was a perfect time for it. The story was perfect and everything flowed and made sense to the show. It didn't end the story and give the writers more to write about and explore in future episodes. I really recommend this to any fairytale fan! 

Until next time, bye lovelies ♥ 

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