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Sims 4: Let's Create! Disney Fairies

Hey Lovelies! I loved making my Sims 4 post yesterday and I felt like doing another one today as I'm in the mood :) I asked my friend what characters she would want to see next and she said fairies, so here you go! This is my Sims 4: Let's Create! Disney Fairies...

We start with the famous fairy in Pixie Hollow, Tinkerbell! I wanted to give the fairies more everyday looks then trying to match their outfits so they aren't exact replicas ;) I knew I had to keep her signature bun and I had to use alot of green so I decided on a long green cardigan with a white top and light green skirt. Tinkerbell is creative, hot headed and very ambitious. Her lifetime goal is to be a Curator and collect everything the world has to offer! 

Next is our Garden fairy, Rosetta. I'm in love with Rosetta's hair and think it really fits her image. I made sure to use alot of red in her outfits as she is very romantic and wears alot of red and pinks. Rosetta is outgoing, romantic and extremely squeamish! Her lifetime wish is to be Freelance Botanist and grow as many plants as possible, which felt only right since she is a garden fairy :)

Silvermist is a water fairy and really wanted to reflect that with alot of blues in her outfit. I think she came out great and I love her little blue dress with long black hair. I also used a thicker eyeliner to make her eyes bolder. Silvermist is cheerful, outgoing and she loves the outdoors. I gave Silvermist the lifetime goal of Angling Ace, since she is a water fairy and this goal is all about fish ;)

Vidia has one of the rarest talents in Pixie Hollow, fast flying talent. I really wanted give Vidia a tougher look with ripped shorts and studded pockets. I used purple in her outfit and gave her a slick ponytail. Vidia is hot headed, active and self assured. Her lifetime goal is bodybuilder as she has to keep fit to be fast flying fairy so I figured she would have an athletic goal.

I wanted to express sunlight on Iridessa and I feel that this yellow dress really captured it. I gave her abit of a messier, bigger bun than Tink and she has very basic makeup. I feel that Iridessa is more nature so I tried to keep her as basic as possible. Iridessa is cheerful, neat and a perfectionist. I also would have made her shy or someone who worries alot but they aren't traits right now :| Anyway, I had trouble finding a lifetime goal that suited Iridessa but I feel so could be an outdoor enthusiast or friend to the world :)

Fawn's look is very autumnal and I love that, I tried to make it basic but styled at the same time. I decided to use her older design than the newer neverbeast look even though I love that one! I kept her look pretty simple with just a brown jumper, grey shorts and her little brown braid. Fawn is active, an outdoor lover and a total goofball! I could have picked two lifetime goals for Fawn really either Outdoor Enthusiast or Chef of Mischief as I feel Fawn is both an outdoors girl but also a great prankster! 

I found Zarina actually quite challenging as her hair colour is odd. I didn't know whether to make her brunette or ginger..? I think I picked the right colour in the end and it came out even better on the photos! I really love my Zarina and tried my hardest to keep that pirate look by using a ruffled white top and ripped jeans. I used alot of makeup on Zarina from dark eyeshadow to long lashes but as I looked closer I realised she did has alot on! Zarina is creative, ambitious and a genius..she made different types of pixie dust?! I felt that Zarina would be a Renaissance Sim and want to master lots of things :)

The last fairy is Periwinkle, Tinkerbell's sister! I really loved making Periwinkle, it was fun using such simple light colours. I wanted to give Periwinkle a slighter longer hairstyle since all the shorter hairstyles on Sims 4 just didn't look right for me but I felt this cut bob looked right. I used a ton of blue and white to give her the wintry feel she needs. Periwinkle is creative, good and a bookworm..she was always in that library! I knew I had to make Periwinkle's the same as Tinkerbell's since they both collect lost things so Peri is also a curator and wants to collect everything she can! 

Once again you can download all these fabulous fairies on the Sims 4 gallery at:
nevergrowup_x or you can just type in Disney Fairies and hope for the best..oh and of course these aren't fairies since they released on Sims 4 yet!!

Until next time, bye lovelies ♥

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Vidia Ree said...

Wow! What an awesome job!This makes me want to create fairies for the Sims 3.