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♥ My Favourite Makeup Right Now ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Thankyou for my 200+ views, you guys are the best. I'm finding my blog really helpful to my health at the moment aswell :)

I'm not a big makeup girl like alot of teen girls..but I do have quite alot! I don't spend hours putting on my makeup, although I guess that I will start to ask I get older! 
I'm gunna share some of my favourite makeup products with you guys (there's not to many!)....

First I put my foundation on...I don't really like the cream type because it annoys my skin (stupid..i know)..so I use Collection Pressed Powder. It evens my skin tone out and gives me a nice glow. I don't over do it..but it does look nice. I would really recommend this as I don't think it cost loads either.

I love mascara! My eyelashes are very black and long anyway but I still use it. My favourite by far is Rimmel London's Scandal Eyes. It is just great. I use it all the time when I put makeup on and it just makes my eyelashes stand out that bit more. I would recommend this product to everyone because I don't think that my makeup bag would be complete without it. As it was Rimmel is wasn't cheap but wasn't over expensive. MUST HAVE!

Lipglosses are my weakness..I couldn't live without them. I remember being about 10 and getting my first mini lipgloss for children and never not wearing it. It was a really bold pink and I just fell in love. I have so many lipglosses. My favourites are Rimmel London's 1000 kisses, NYC SmoochProof LipStain 16H, Clinque Lipgloss Tube and my favourite of all my lipglosses is my Clinque Chubby Stick, which I got for Christmas and I just love it. To be honest when I first tried it on, it made my lips feel dry but now I think my lips are just use to it cause it doesnt happen anymore. It was quite expensive as it is Clinque but totally worth it. I love the colours and just the chubby stick idea in general. Another MUST HAVE!

Last is my bronzer that I got for Christmas in a makeup kit. It is from a range in a shop called Marks and Spencers called Per Una. It use it in the summer sometimes but it isn't to nessecary to have. It gives me abit of colour but I could live without it. 

That's my favourite makeup right now..and my daily makeup. I hope it has help some people..but remember everyone has there own beautiful..so don't feel pressured.

I might post abit later but if not this is todays post...it's abit eariler today! 

Bye Lovelies ♥

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