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Quick Life Update ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Sorry for not posting yesterday..it was my Grandad's birthday and I was super busy! So sorry but I will post later with a bigger post hopefully. My summer has just started so I'm abit busy. I have just ordered a new SMASH book from a good website called..
http://www.craftsulove.co.uk/ . It is really good and I got some more SMASH accessories too, I will show them to you when they get here on Monday hopefully.

My Style Boutique game came for my 3DS yesterday. It is just PERFECT! I have fallen in love with it..Oh God! I can't leave it..it is just so good! If you haven't got it then get it! It's one of my SUMMER MUST HAVES! On Amazon uk it was £15 for a new one..which I think was a steal! It was meant to be about £30!! 

I'm off to the shops now because my sister wants a 3DS! I got one a month ago and now she wants one..TYPICAL SISTER THING ALERT! Anyways..I'm feeling okay..Had abit of a wobble yesterday but Life Goes On. I watched Teen Beach Movie with my Sister this morning..it was the Disney Channel Summer Movie...and it was pretty cheesy..abit like a HSM (high school musical..for you guys that don't know!) take off..It was okay I guess. I just liked the clothes because it was set in a 1960's type movie for alot of it :)

Blog Ya Later ♥♥♥

Bye Lovelies ♥♥♥

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