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Disney Drawings ♥

Hey Guys! I'm feeling okay today :') I finally broke up for the Summer today :D Officially finished Year 9! So happy :D So I wanna wish everybody a Happy Summer and I will be hopefully posting through the Summer to give you my updates..so keep on checking ;) 

Anyways back to today post..After I broke up I decided to do some drawings about Disney. I normally hate drawing because it just frustrates me and gets on my nerves as I'm such a perfectionist...BAD TRAIT ALERT FOR ME! I'm impatient and a perfectionist..two traits that ain't meant to go together ;) 
Back to the point..I decided to give drawing ago..First I drew some Little Mermaid things, then Cinderella, next Rapunzel and finally Belle. Don't worry I will show you some of my really bad art..even though you probably don't want to see it ;D 

I loved making these! I am hoping to do an Aladdin one next..if it isn't to tricky because as you can see I ain't no great artist. I have good fun drawing these while watching Easy A and Mean Girls. They are both such good movies! If you haven't seen them defiantly try them both out..they are MUST SEE teen movies :D 

Okay well I'm just gunna make my blog look great..maybe add a few pages...So be sure to keep checking this space. I'm feeling alot better and starting to feeling okay being me...I'm me and no one is gunna change that! 

There's beautiful in everyone...Sometimes it just takes a while to find yours ♥

Bye Lovelies ♥  

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