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Favourite Summery Things ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I decided to keep on the track of Summer today. I'm sorry it's abit later than I usually post! Thankyou Lovelies for over 500 views..I'm really greatful..I didn't think anyone was going to look! Thankyou so much..It's one gunna get better! Just to give you a little LIFE UPDATE (sorry..) I have had an okay day today..I think the heat got to me abit! But I'm hoping to stay on track and not fall off ;) I'm hoping to buy a new SMASH folio. This time I doing one for Summer 2013 and I'm getting a big one called the Pretty Pocket Folio..don't worry I will keep you up to date on my scrapbooking! Anyways my Style Boutique still hasn't come but hopefully it will come tomorrow or Saturday...looking forward to playing it since the first one was soo good!
....I just realised that I used alot of hopes! Oh and my hayfevers back with a revengance :( But back to Good Old Summer....

In the Summer you have to have a shower or bath nearly everyday if not everyday. To be honest I HATE showers..Baths are more my thing! I love baths and I find baths more fun if I buy a bath bomb from LUSH. LUSH sells body things for reasonable prices here in the UK. Yes..I'm from the UK. I have bought ALOT of bath bombs from Lush but recently I got Butterball :)

Butterball has a vanilla fragrence. I LOVE vanilla. It also used Coca Butter, you can tell because there are some chunks in it. I have already used this in my bath and it just makes your skin so soft and moisturizes your skin. If you have dry skin then this could help..but check you can use it first :) It was £2.45 for the one which was quite good, it was one of the cheaper ones. I would use it again but I was abit disappointed that it didn't make the water change colour at all :(

This next product is also from LUSH. It is one of there newest products called FUN. It comes in 5 different colours each with a different scent. I got pink and it smells like candy and sweets. The smell is amazing and it lasts for about 5 baths depending on how much you use each time. Unlike a bath bomb..this is called a Bubble Bar. You take abit off each bath and put it in your water. It should make your water a nice colour and smell great. It makes LOADS of bubbles (LOADS!) and you can wash your hair in it! It costs £5.00 :o...but it totally worth it as you can spend over £5.00 on two bath bombs for only two baths (I have...) and this lasts for more than two because you don't need to use too much at a time.


I absolutely LOVE this bubble bath! I got it from the UK shop Superdrug, it was £2.05. It smells (believe or not) exactly like Strawberries and Milkshake..which is really just Strawberry Milkshake..Duh?! Anyways, you can use it as a bubble bath or a shower gel and the smell is just delicious. It comes from the 'I love...' range who do lip balms, soaps, scrubs in all different scents. It is just heavenly and extremely SUMMERY! 

Off of bath things and on the nail varishes. At the moment..I'm saving up for one of the Models Own scented varishes..THEY ARE AMAZING! To be honest I bite my finger nails alot when I'm bored or nervous so I can't really paint them because they just look bad..but I love to paint my toe nails in the summer especially when your wearing flip flops :D The varish I have on at the moment is Loreal Paris's Colour Riche Nail Varish. I can't remember what colour is it (sorry nail varish lovers..) but it is a kinda of turquoise/mint. It looks really summery on toes/finger nails and I would recommend to everyone :D

We are really going off the topic of beauty now because I have just got into Yankee Candles. I have a jar of Vanilla Cupcake which is just perfect. I LOVE cupcakes and that smell is just me all over!! I also have Cinnamon Stick in a Wax Tart which just smells delicious and like Cinnamon Pretzels! The last one I have is a Wax Tart in Black Cherry..I don't really know what it smells like (other than Black Cherry..haha) but quite dark but it smells nice, abit spicy I guess. My favourite is Vanilla Cupcake which I keep on my desk because it just smells so yummy. I would defiantly recommend that one :D 

That is my Favourite Summery Things List...there are probably loads more things but this will do for now. I will keep you posted about my SMASH book. Remember to follow my on Instagram. 

Bye Lovelies ♥


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Yo its Marissa! said...

This is so cool Gina , glad you can find some where to express your feelings and imagination. I have that fun stuff from lush but it all melted lol :D x x x x x