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Smash Book Update ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm gunna give you a quick run-down (sounds like a show!) of my day today..I saw my friend this morning and we watched some Disney youtube videos which I will link below :) and then we watched The Little Mermaid! It was so good! I've haven't seen it in ages because I was always scared of the villian Ursula. The songs are just amazing. Gotta get it on DVD! It is really HOT again today and my family had a waterfight in the garden. I got SOAKED! It was so much fun :D 

Part of Your World ♪

To get to the point of this post...I was looking at my stats (as you do) and one of my highest looked at posts is my Disneyland one. So I decided that I will post more about Disney and my scrapbooking as I'm guessing that what you guys like ;)
I have another scrapbook which is pink and its about things I like..so I'm gunna share that today :) 
My Smash Book
I write and stick thing in there which I had for a while. I love the idea of a book, which is great for a collector like myself (im not a hoarder), that you can just stick things in and it doesn't have to look amazing. If you love scrapbooking but can't be bothered with backing the photos with nice paper and stuff then get one of these! It also has really cool accesories that go with it like Smash pads, sticky notes, washi tape. OMG WASHI TAPE! I am in LOVE with Washi Tape...AMAZING STUFF!!! I covered the whole of my Wreck it Journal in it!!! 

These are some of my pages of my smash books. I have done one on Cupcakes because C'mon Who Doesn't Like Cupcakes (I don't want loads of people telling me they don't!) I absolutely love cupcakes. Making and defiantly eating them! And making them..and eating the icing :D I made a page on TV shows I loved and still do. One page is for old TV shows like Out of the Box, Bear in the Big Blue House, 64 Zoo Lane, Tweenies etc...and the other page for TV shows I watched and still do such as ICarly, The Suite Life, Zoey 101, Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana and The Sleepover Club ;) And then I have a page for Goals (yes it's cheesy...but I wanna look back and say didn't achieve that..I did that). One of main goals is to feel better about myself...but another is hopefully when I find that special someone to get married in Disneyland! I want to soo much! 

I also have done pages on holidays I been on like to Cyprus, France, Spain etc. I kept all the tickets for planes, eurotunnels, taxis, trains and passes and stuck them in :) I also wanna go New York AKA The Big Apple someday :D I made a page when I did the 30 day challenge things about MOI :) I wrote all my answers and stuck the challenge in. I also stuck all my labels and things I had kept over years...that was alot! 

Two of my favourite pages are my fashion and dream house pages and the pages about me! I cut over some different fashions that I liked and stuck them in. I also printed out pictures of houses and rooms that I would like my Dream House to look like...But of course I doubt that will ever happen! I also love the Top Ten Facts about me page and the different things about me page that I did with the help of a Top 10 Smash Pad.

I have recently done a Disneyland Paris page, Justin Bieber Believe Tour page and a Bits and Bobs page. I will post them soon and more pictures of my Disney Trip. 

Hope you liked this post and remember to keep looking back for more posts as I post daily really  :)  I will leave you this picture of the Disney Castle..I think it's Sleeping Beauty's...♥

Sleeping Beauty's Castle ♥

The Links:

One Man Disney Movie - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp1BYzIVi0U
One Woman A Capella Disney Medley - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8ZJrfeohzU
One Woman A Capella Disney Medley Pt.2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXlM9gP1jhM

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