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Summer's getting busier! ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ So sorry that I didn't post yesterday I was really busy again and I truely sorry. I will try to post more but been having some family time this weekend. I got 600 views today!! OMG!! I love you guys so much I didn't think even 1 person other than myself would look at this so I'm so grateful!! THANKYOUU! I'm defiantly going to post more for you guys on makeup, disney, scrapbooking, summer and other cool things..so keep looking regularly :D 

Yesterday I went shopping with my Mum and my Sister..she got some stuff and I had spend alot recently on games and scrapbooking so I couldn't get anything. But my Mum bought me 'Burlesque' on DVD because it was on SALE for a cheap price. I love Burlesque..no, not the dancing but the movie. It has Christina Aguilera it in and an older singer called Cher. It is really good..I just love the songs and Christina's voice is just PERFECT! If you love Christina Aguilera, Burlesque, Cher or just a good movie then this is one to check out. I will put the link at the bottom for a place to get it but it will be in the UK ;)

Today I went to see Despicable Me 2 with all my family. My Dad fell in love with the first movie and we HAD to see the second one! It was just so funny..I COULDN'T stop laughing the whole way though. It was defiantly as good as the first one! If you have seen the first one then you HAVE to see this one..it just is soooo good! I would see it all again!!! 

So that my life update..I have been feeling okay I guess. My chest has started to hurt from all the aniexty but it should go in a few days :) And thats that :D 

I will give you my run down on my Top 5 See Movies This Summer :) 

1. Despicable Me 2 - U
2. Monsters University - U
3. One Direction: This Is Us - U
4. The Internship - 12A
5. The Bling Ring - 15

Hope this is good for all ages :') 

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