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Well Hello There...:')

Hey! I'm Gina..a teenage girl. I suffer with school phobia at the moment and I'm having abit of a rough ride. I am writing this blog to help me write my journey and express some stuff...and if nobody looks then fine...but I'm using it for myself...but not in the selfish way! I'm apparently a really funny person..quite witty but I'm also really unique. To be honest..I don't really like myself at all and have very low self-esteem but you just have to just keep swimming..as its the Circle of Life...I just have to wait till I see the light. Okay so as you might have noticed I LOVE Disney...it helps me through so much. If your as much of a Disney Freak as I am then you might have realized that 'Just keep swimming' was from Finding Nemo, 'Circle of Life' was from The Lion King' and 'I see the light' was from Tangled. I also love scrapbooking and at the moment I am loving K&Company's Smash book. I have two..one about me and one about my recent trip to Disneyland Paris (for another post)! Scrapbook pictures to come! I also love music, I really don't think I could live without it! I love watching movies and singing but another big passion is Photography. I absolutely love it, I recently bought a new camera and I'm in love! If you want to see more photos then check out my instagram: nevergrowup_x . I would really love to have some more of you lovely followers :'). I love girly things like makeup, shoes, clothes, shopping and handbags..I could shop for ages!!! Anyways you gunna have to learn that I ramble alot! But that's me...i'm like marmite..you either love me or hate me :)   I would love some comments but I guess it is my first post so....Getting all ahead of myself! 

Bye Lovelies ♥

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