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10 Facts About Me ♥

Sorry for the next post to be about me again...and sorry that it's like minutes after...but I wanted to get at least 2 posts on here to make it look nicer! So anyway I decided to give you all some inside details about me and my boring life...

Number 1: I'm a teenage girl and a blonde...I might put a picture on here later...cause my instagram has some anyway. 
Number 2: I got bullied in secondary and I hated it so I left and got school phobia...now I go to a special school centre :') Weird right?!
Number 3: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DISNEY! It's my life really...I couldn't live without it! My two favourite Disney movies are Peter Pan and Tangled :) 

Number 4: I hate 3D..I get really bad panic attacks if I have to experience it :(
Number 5: I'm only loud around people I really know..otherwise I just socially awkard.
Number 6: I have never been to Disneyland Florida..only Disneyland Paris once and it was the best time in my life ever! 
Number 7: I love Justin Bieber and I have seen him twice :D 
Number 8: I hate anything medical like doctors, hospitals, dentists etc. I can't have blood tests cause I have massive panic attacks!
Number 9: I worry more than normal people especially about the most stupid things. 
Number 10: I don't know what I would do without my amazing family and friends...they are just great! ♥

So that's my 10 and to be honest...to think of the last three was a struggle :l Anyways...hope you know abit more about me now and REMEMBER TO FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: nevergrowup_x  .     

Bye Lovelies ♥ 


Anonymous said...

I just love your new blog!! Keep it up!

GinaHelen.♥ said...

Thankyou x