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Sorry Guys :(

Hey Lovelies...I so sorry I haven't posted again for like 2 days! I have been quite busy..but I will fill you in :') I got my new SMASH folio yesterday for Summer :D I will do a post on it in the next week probably :) I have made a Summer Bucketlist with 50 ideas on..I will post that tomorrow for you guys ♥♥ 

I have been playing The Sims 3 aswell because I got Island Paradise when it came out and have hardly played it because I have been feeling crap. My friend came round today that I hadn't seen in 2 months! We scrapbooked and watched Easy A..It was really good. And if your reading this girl..you know who you are and I had a really good time today ;) 

Anyway I have been doing some drawings too..they look better on paper but at the moment I don't wanna show them because I think they look terrible scanned on my computer. I might just take a picture of them and put them on here tomorrow..They aren't great because I'm no artist! But it was fun to do :') I drew Belle from Beauty and The Beast and Ariel from The Little Mermaid ♥

Hope you stick around and watch this space tomorrow..I might do a double upload..Just have to wait and see ;)

Bye Lovelies ♥ Sorry it's so short today :( xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Hello Beautiful ... you are doing so well babe to keep cheerful ... and the blog is a JOY ... just remember to keep breathing really deeply ... I love you lots ... night night ... try to sleep ... big kiss ... Aunty Potty xxxx :) See you soon :)