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HUGE Disney Summer Haul 2014 ♥ Part 2 ♥

Hey lovelies ♥ I haven't been to good today and felt pretty sad all day so I decided to cheer myself up by blogging. I hope you all liked my little gifset I made for tumblr that I posted the other day :')

I'm starting off with a gift my amazing sister got me as I was having a rough patch and she went shopping. She got it in The Entertainer and I love it ♥ It's a sticker dispenser, where you can make stickers using the stamps on a roll of sticker paper in a little machine. They come out really well and the stamp selection is great as they are all great pictures of the characters :') She also found me some frozen wrapping paper which I love and can't wait to wrap my book covers in them ;)

I finally cute this super cute Ariel makeup bag from Primark. They had one left in my local primark and actually thought I knew what to do with it as I don't actually use makeup much..spoiler alert into my life ;) I was going to put my 3DS in it so that I could keep it safe but now I use it to keep bits and pieces that my penpals have sent me :') 

My next three things were from another trip out with my Nan and Grandad. I got some more stickers and cards for my collections :) I also got a new frozen book which is Anna's Book of Secrets! I have filled some of it out but I need to complete it with pictures and everything :') I recently found out there's an Elsa Book of Secrets too so that maybe a future purchase if it's any different to this one ;)

My favourite purchase from the day was my Tinkerbell doll plush! I have loved Tink forever and she has always been one of my favourite characters along with Peter so I'm really happy to have her :) She was actually the last one in the store on that day..they had restocked in the morning but she sold out so I was super lucky! I love her so much ♥ Now to get my boy Peter ;)

I actually went shopping with my friend the next day and visited the Disney Store again..naturally ;) They had restocked abit and had a few things back in stock..don't ask about frozen..nothing new :/ They did have the Zarina doll back in stock though which I was so hyped about as I love Zarina and they had stopped their Pirate Fairy range for abit and I didn't know if she would come back but luckily she did! I love her dress so much which is why I bought the doll as she has a really weird different outift on the plush (which I haven't seen in ages btw) so I love this doll ♥ I really wanna get the Periwinkle one to go with her as they don't do the Periwinkle plush doll here in the UK :'(

I also bought this Frozen pen from the Disney Store. They had these in stock for awhile but I could never find them until I spotted them on the cashtill! I had to get one to add to my collection and I love it ♥ I was really tempeted to take it into my school to annoy some of my teachers as I guess it's not a real school pen but I got lazy and couldn't be bothered ;)

My favourite buy of the day was actually the last thing I bought. I shopped and looked around but eventually went back to the Disney Store after I didn't find anything better than this little cute..she was hard to beat ;) I love her! I've been wishing for an animator doll since I first saw one but they always looked too big but I decided one can't do any harm and I love her ♥ I also really love Tinkerbell and Anna's one but Rapunzel is the little girl for me :') If I was able to get another Tinkerbell would be my next ;) Rapunzel's hair won it for me as it would naturally do since it's so freakin long! I wanted hair I could play with and brush like a doll and Tink's was just too short for me ;) I would love to own more Animator dolls one day but honestly I'm more of a plushie girl :')

That's it for now. I have bought other things over the past month but I will do a collective haul if I feel like it in the near future :) I really wanna do a disney news post too about all the gossip, rumours, annocments and events but I don't know yet ;) 

Anyways, bye lovelies..I will leave you with another small gifset of my queen ♥

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