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HUGE Disney Summer Haul! ♥ Part 1 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I've been off school today since I feel really down and weird at the moment, I finding life very hard but I'm carrying on..I'm back with my HUGE Disney Summer Haul! I've had to split it into 2 parts otherwise the post would be way to long! These things were bought at the beginning of the 6 weeks really, let's get on with it :')

The first few things I didn't actually buy, I won at a beach/seaside pier near where I live. We went to get Fish and Chips and play in the arcade. Lucky for me they had got in the Frozen spirit and made some of their 2p coin machines Frozen! I got these two bookmarks of Olaf and Elsa which I love!

I also won these two ADORABLE keyrings of Anna and Olaf. They are just my cup of tea as I love Frozen and the anime kind of look to them. I have now actually put them on my keys so now my keys looked AMAZING as I also have a disney princess print on my key ;)

These are just PERFECTION ♥ They are £20 and £50 English notes with Frozen on..if you can't already see ;) The £20 one has Anna and Elsa and the £50 one has the whole gang. They even belong to the Bank of Frozen..so know you I have actually been to Arendelle to spend these ;)

By far these are my favourite things I won during my beach trip. I will explain as they are so small on the pictures. They are drivers licenses of Anna, Elsa and Olaf..yes olaf does know how to drive ;) They each have their picture and information, I love them! 

This is the only Frozen thing I didn't get that day as you can see :') I got 25 tickets when playing the 2p machine which got me this Jungle Book note for £5 which I think is just so super cute! Oh and by the way I did spend over 2 HOURS on this machine to get all that Frozen stuff!

A few days later my visited another seaside town and I saw a little old-fashioned bookshop on the street and it was calling me. I had to go in and I'm so glad I did as I found this giant treasure on one of the shelves! I was so happy as I have been looking to buy this book for a while but didn't actually want the revisited version with pixar in as I don't class that as 'The Art of Walt Disney' so I was really happy when I found this and it was at a good price too! I will treasure this forever ♥

I also bought some scrapbook supplies from a small cute craft shop in the town. Oh and I'm a MASSIVE fan of rock and love this ice cream rock that this one shop does in the town so I had to buy some..of course it's gone now ;)

Next shopping trip now and this was at my local giant shopping centre with my Nan and Grandad :') I got another Tinkerbell DVD to go with my collection (only one more to go now!) and I love this one as I love Periwinkle ♥ Even though I find it kinda strange that now Tink magically has a sister I still love this movie and I think it's one of the best out of the movies :') I also bought the next book in the School for Stars range by the Willoughby sisters (I know not disney but oh well!) I love them so much and I enjoying this one too :)

I've been looking at buying this book for a while and it was actually on offer in HMV for £3 when you spend anything in store (i think)..anyway I took the opportunity and got it! I'm so happy I did as I'm literally obsessed with Sofia the First, let me just the normal questions..
1. Are you actually 15? Yes I am 15.
2. Do you actually like it? Yes I do love kids TV especially Sofia the First
3. Will I ever grow up? Nope ;)
Now that's out of the way let's carry on! It is story of the first episode of Sofia the First when she becomes a princess. Cinderella stars in this episode which I love and the drawings in this book are just stunning! I really would love all the others ♥

The last thing for this haul today as it's getting pretty long is my Frozen Anna mug! I've been wanting one of the Frozen mugs since December but never got one then I saw two of the Anna mugs in my local store so I have to get it. I do actually want the Elsa one too so keeping my eyes peeled for that beauty as you can't have one sister without the other :')

Here's a sneaky picture of me with my mug in my room with my Frozen poster peeking in behind :')

That's the end of Part 1 for my HUGE Disney Summer Haul! I can't wait to post the next part as I love the other things I got ♥ I also baked Disney Princesses cupcakes to help me feel better and this is what they look like :')

I loved them so much and they tasted even better ♥ 

Sneak peek of part 2 ;) oh and well done if you scrolled down! have an air high five!

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