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Random Ramblings ♥ September 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I know I haven't blog in a week so I'm sorry but I've been super busy with the end of summer and the beginning of school :( I can't believe the summer holidays are over and September is already here..it has flown!

Anyways I have loads to actually talk about I think so I thought it was time for yet another Random Ramblings. Since it's on the very beginning of the month they maybe more than one ramble in September ;)

Let There Be Sims! Happy Simtember!

September for me marks the next generation of Sims to me as you might know Sims 4 is being released this month :') Now if you live in America or preordered it on Origin digitally (I think) you will already have the game (LUCKY!) But if your like me a live in the UK you have till wait till Friday for your chance you finally play the game :/ I've watched some Lets Play's on Youtube already and it's actually growing on me so hurry up friday I wanna play! Oh and if you don't get a blog post for a few days..I'm playing Sims 4 ;)

I won't Let it Go!
So as you all should know I'm a Frozen mega fan! I LOVE IT! A few weeks ago it was annoced that after some rumours there would not be a Frozen 2 movie but they are going to carry on the story into books later in 2015. I'm so happy by this news as I don't want a proper Frozen sequel and I love reading Disney books so yay! Then yesterday in the US, The Making of Frozen was aired on tv (which I wanna see!) and they annoced that a Frozen short is in the making for early 2015! I absouletly love this as I didn't want a whole movie but I love the disney shorts just like the Tangled Ever After one ♥ Can't wait! 

Oh and the plot for the short reads...“In Frozen Fever, it’s Anna’s birthday and Elsa and Kristoff are determined to give her the best celebration ever, but Elsa’s icy powers may put more than just the party at risk.” It also gives us a new song! 

Busy Busy Busy

So summer's over and school began yesterday for me :'( I'm now in Year 11 and continuing on my GCSEs so I'm quite busy but saying that I will still blog! I also have loads of lovely penpal friends now who I LOVE and it can take me a while to write the letters :') What I trying to say is that I wanna blog but bare with me as I am busy right now but once my school routine gets back I will be blogging alot again, so yay! 

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ;)

Yes I thought No I won't get nominated...I don't have enough friends yet one of my only friends nominates me :/ I hate water on my face so this was a big challenge for me! You can watch me be soaked here...http://instagram.com/p/sPuPNVn6we/?modal=true Have fun ;)

I guess that's it for this early September Random Ramblings post :') I have a MASSIVE haul coming that I will probably do in two parts to make it better and not as long! So look out for that ;) To end..here is a gif that shows what I feel like now having to wait for Sims 4, OUAT, Frozen books and shorts..

Oh and before I end...I just wanna say a Well Done to my not so little sister Zoe for going to her first day at secondary today ♥ 

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