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Disney Pinmail! ♥ July - September 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I realised that I haven't posted a pinmail post in ages so here is my pinmail for July-September 2014! If you don't know what pinmail is let's guess.. if you guessed 'it's pins that you get through the mail' you right :') ok..let get on...

Let's start with this stunning pin. I can't actually remember if I showed this to you lovelies before but oh well! I got this beauty from Ebay for an AMAZING price, £2.50 I think..can't acutally remember but I was happy with the price since it was about £8/9 to buy anyway. It was brand new and never opened and I love it ♥

My second little beauty of pinmail is this little fairy onto of a cupcake! Tinkerbell + Cupcakes = PERFECTION ♥ This pin is actually part of a set with 3 other cupcakes of Minnie, Stitch and Angel I think but Tink was my favourite. I saw her in the set in DLP in May but she was too expensive in the whole set so when I saw her on Ebay I was so happy! My Mum and Dad got her for me for finishing Year 10 and I love her!

I have been dreaming of holding these pins ever since they came out eariler this year so I was really happy when one of my sister's friends said she was going to WDW this summer and if I wanted anything. I said PINS as I love WDW pins so much ♥ I gave her a list of mainly Frozen pins with a few Tangled and hoped for the best. I was exstatic when I saw the pins she brought me back including these two beauties ♥ I love both of them but I do love Anna's coronation dress so I was so happy for these pins!

She was also able to pick me up these two Frozen pins which was amazing as they are so expensive to ship to the UK from the US :/ I have loved this snowflake forever now and I'm so happy I finally own it ♥ The Olaf pin was a present from them to you as they paid for it :') It came out about a week before they went so I was happy I could have the chance to have it. I didn't expect them to get me this one so it was a total shock! Thankyou if your reading ♥

The next two pins I decided to make big as they have so much pretty detail ♥ I love Disney Dreams at DLP as you probably know by now and have wanted these two pins for ages but they sold out within hours of being uploaded onto The Disney Store website. Ebay was way too expensive, charging way over the price so I was paintent and I waited..and waited...and waited until about 8 weeks later they finally uploading all of them again! My Mum and Dad ordered them for me as rewards for going to school for the first 2 weeks as I find it really hard so I'm SO happy to finally have Olaf! 

One of my newest pins, which I got yesterday actually, is the Arendelle Castle from Frozen. It is part of the 4 pin booster pack which I eventually love to own. I think this pin is really pretty and fits really well with my Frozen collection ♥

MINI GRAIL ALERT! Now if you don't do pintrading you won't know what I'm talking about and until a few months ago I didn't either ;) In pintrading you normally have mini grails and grail pins which means the ones you aim to get in your collection but they can be expensive or hard to find. In my case this Disneyland Paris Disney Dreams pin was my mini grail as I have been hunting for it for a while but it has always been too expensive for me so when I found out one of my favourite disnye personal shopper instagramers was selling it for only £11, I was beyond happy! It is Limited Edition and I got 101/400. I would love to collect every pin in the series including the Open Edition pins like the olaf and rapunzel plus the limited edtions like these and cast member ones as I LOVE DISNEY DREAMS! 

This is literally me when I see a pin!

I'm enjoying pintrading so far and if you ever wanna trade follow me on my instagram or look at my pinpics :)

Pinpics - http://pinpics.com/member.php?t=o
Instagram - http://instagram.com/nevergrowup_x

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