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30 Day Snap Challenge - July 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I thought about doing this last month but didn't think I could keep it up but since I blog most days now and I do these type of things on my instagram anyway I thought why not give it a try?! So basically, I going to post a picture for 30 days..well 31 since it's July from that day. Since the summer holidays are beginning this month for the UK, I will be going away for abit but I will try and post as regularly as possible. Here's Day 1 :)

Day 1
So for Day 1 here is me! I was going to my Auntie's with my Mum and was loving that it was hot in the UK. I was wearing a Mickey Top, black shorts and some flipflops..that was a kind of outfit of the day! I hate how I have a double chin in this picture but oh well I'm fat, I must get over these issues. I also got loads of Frozen stickers and Disney Princess Trading Cards sent to me from Ebay and Facebook so thankyou and if you ever wanna swap just let me know :') I've also made alot of friends from tumblr, blogger, livejournal and instagram this past week to penpal with so yay!

I hoping to enjoy this snap a day challenge so let's hope I stick to it. Oh and don't worry I will be doing other posts as these will only be short and won't have a massive header.

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