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30 day Snap Challenge July 2014 ♥ - Finally the last week of pictures!

The past week of my july life has been and gone and I'm super late with the pictures for my snap challenge :/ I'm sorry for not keeping up, I've been super busy with summer and stuff! I will keep going with this but will probably start again in September as I will be less busy (hopefully). Here's the photos from the past week!

Day 13 is actually here even though it was a week ago :/ I'm sorry for being super late with this but oh well there here now! On Sunday I won this little beauty on ebay for only £1.50! I was so happy with this as I know that this is actually quite an expensive pin to buy normally and will go for alot on ebay. Rapunzel and Tangled pins are one of my collections so this will be staying in my personal collection as my second tangled pin! 

On day 14 I had tons of post including some of these Frozen stickers and Disney Princess trading cards. I also bought some of these in my local co-op and a poundshop. I have sold all my disney princess doubles now but have more coming so yay! I have loads of frozen left aswell so if you wanna buy or swap then feel free to message me on instagram or twitter or you can just email me :)

If you've read my small disney haul you will have seen this already but since summer has started for me I bought this towel. I didn't buy it on Tuesday but I was getting ready for summer and holidays so this can be my picture for day 15! I love this towel so much, yay for Olaf!

On day 16 I got a huge penpal letter from my lovely penpal in Florida. She sent me an amazing letter with loads of Disney goodies from Disney World! I also received this beautiful Princess Belle pin from the princess heart series. I have just started pin collecting as you probably know and she has been collecting for years so we have decided to pin trade together! I love this pin so much and now want the whole collection of princesses! 

Okay so I ovibously didn't take this picture but I needed to include it in my week as it was a big day for all Disney lovers :) It was Disneyland's 59th Anniversary which is insane! Disneyland has been spreading magic to everyone for 59 years!! There was a big parade with 59 characters and they even annoucned some of the 60th anniversary plans for next year. I would love to go to the original Disneyland next year for the big 60th as it would be pure magic :') 

Day 18 was a huge day in my life as my sister finally performed her Year 6 perfomance. I remember doing mine a good 4/5 years ago and it brought back so many good memories. She shined so bright on the stage when she had to say her lines as a reporter and she totally rocked the blouse and skirt buisness look! Well Done Zoe for an amazing end of primary school performance!!


Day 19 bought another pin to my collection. My Mum and Dad bought me this pin for finally finishing Year 10 as it was a hard year with up and downs for me. I saw this in a cupcake pack in Disneyland Paris but didn't buy it but when I saw this stunning Tink cupcake on ebay I had to grab her so luckily I got her for my end of school year present :D Another stunning Tinkerbell pin for my collection. 

I love really funny in the picture but oh well it's so hot today I don't care! It's been super hot all week here in the south east and I've found it hard! I love the heat but my body just isn't use to it as it's normally raining or dull :/ I decided to rock my inner Ariel today and be a mermaid so I wore my Little Mermaid tank top, Ariel hair clips and knew that Ariel had to be in the picture! 

Finally caught up!! I have hauls and summer posts to come this week so watch this blog :)

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