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I started this blog exactly one year ago when I was feeling extremely low and depressed and didn't know what to do. I had read other blogs in the past and had made several free website things as a child but didn't ever think I could have a blog! I'm so glad that I decided to make this blog. 

I made this blog on the night of the 10th in my bedroom secretly so that if it was a massive flop or I wasn't enjoying it I could just delete it and never think about it again! I got over 60 views that night!! The next day I was in the garden with my Mum, who has a blog (link at the bottom), and she said why don't you start one and I can back saying I already have. She actually cried when she first saw it as it was a big thing for me to do :') 

I so glad I made this blog that night and decided to continue with it because even though you guys might like reading it, this blog also serves as a kind of journey journal for me :') At the beginning of this blog I was a sad shy girl who didn't know why she felt like she did..a year on and I have been diagonsed with aspergers, more confident and happy with myself. A year ago I had to hide myself..my true self away from the world but now I'm free as Elsa says and I can let it go! 

That's why Elsa is on the banner today because she really helped me to fully let go and be who I am. I so glad that Frozen was made and it has such a special place in my heart ♥ So much so that when I saw the parade and fireworks at WDW for the summer event (which should be illegal as I'm not there!) I actually cried. I cried so much because Frozen really helped me and still is so Thankyou Disney ♥ 

But most of all...Thankyou Lovelies for being there and reading my blog! I have loved all the comments I have gotten and recieved..keep em coming :') I wouldn't have kept this blog if you didn't read it. I want to be an inspiration rolemodel that it very childish and loves disney..not the greatest rolemodel but who cares! I'm happier with myself now more than I was a year ago and alot of that is because I don't feel alone. I have met and talked to so many amazing people through this last year on this blog, facebook, tumblr, livejournal and even twitter. 

I'm not going to stop this blog anytime soon so get ready for another magicial disney filled adventure with of course faith, trust and pixie dust ♥

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