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Currently I Am.. ♥ July 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I've completely lost track of time and realised that it is actually time for my currently I am post! This month seems to have gone so quickly. I would normally do this post half way/beginning of the month but since I have been busy it will have to come now :) 

Reading...OMG I'm in love with a Geek by Rae Earl! 
Watching...Lifesimmer's youtube videos from Sims 3 Showtime and Generations S2 to The Walking Dead and Animal Crossing :') 
Playing...Disney Tsum Tsum App, it's so addictive!!!!
Trying...to be more postive towards myself :)
Eating...Fab ice lollies.
Drinking...Fanta Fruit Twist, so refreshing.
Cooking...nothing yet again!
Calling...nobody I'm such a little loner ;)
Texting...my friend about meeting up soon :') 
Pinning...can I just take this one out next time, I never pin :/
Tweeting...all about my not so interesting life ;)
Crafting...all my lovely penpal letters!
Doing...getting ready for summer :')
Going...on holiday soon!
Loving...this hot weather!
Hating...how I can find clothes to fit me..stupid fat me :(
Enjoying...feeling part of the big disney family ♥
Thinking...about my future...*shivers* ergh growing up :(
Feeling...okay but VERY HOT!
Hoping...that I finally finish my Frozen sticker album soon!!
Listening (to)...Disney soundtracks especially the scores, oh and the peter pan soundtrack scores from the 2003 movie...I suggest the flying one ♥
Celebrating...I've actually finishing Year 10!!!!!
Thanking...all the wonderful people in my life for helping me through this tough year :)
Considering...what to do after this?
Finishing...I actually don't know if I'm finishing anything other than this blog post :/
Starting...to get in a summer mood ♥

And that's what I'm currently doing lovelies ♥ what about you? :')
Have a summer olaf to make you feel summery!

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