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Disney Summer Haul - July 2014!

Hey Lovelies ♥ I have yet another haul for you guys..I swear I didn't use to shop this much?! Anyways I went Summer shopping last weekend and picked up some clothes and other stuff for my holiday and just summer in general. I didn't actually mean to pick out Disney things but I just get naturally drawn to them so most of my shop except 2 things was actually disney related :/ This isn't a massive haul at all but I thought I would show you lovelies anyway! 

I'll start with the two non-disney items so if you wanna just see Disney then scroll on down :) It's really weird for me to buy a nail varish as I don't actually have any nails since I bite them but I thought that I would paint my toes for my holiday and this colour is perfect ♥ I have wanted a Tanya Burr nail varish since she brought them out as I love to watch her on youtube! I picked Mini Marshmallows as I loved the sugar soft pink colour for summer :') I hope to get one of her lipglosses next :D

I got this plain pink vest top at Forever 21 in the sale for £4.99. It's super soft and comfy..I can't say anymore..it's a plain soft comfy vest top!

I got this Little Mermaid vest top from Primark for £6. It's so super comfy and is great because it's so hot right now! I love this so much and have been looking for this forever!! I love it so much and haven't taken it off since I bought it!!!

I also found this amazing Lady and the Tramp top in Primark too for £6. I have a pj top of this but loved it so much I had to buy the top version. I love this scene so much and I love this movie too so I was super happy when I found this in my size as my local Primark didn't have my size :/ 

 I think this might be my favourite top I bought from my small summer disney haul. It is another Little Mermaid top from Forever 21. It was £10.50 and it is stunning. I love the picture and colours they used for the print and it is just beautiful. I can't wait to wear it ♥

I finally found these beautiful Cinderella Pjs from Primark! I had seen these on some many of my disney friends instagrams and twitters and I was looking for them everytime I went to Primark! I'm also on the hunt for the little mermaid ones :D They are super cute with a soft pink top with the original Cinderella poster on and lovely blue checked shorts :)

I actually bought these a few weeks ago but forgot to show them on my recent hauls :/ I got these in my local primark for £8 (i think). I only saw this one and no others so I was so happy it was my size! They are Daisy Duck PJs with 'Can't sleep, won't sleep' on which is so totally me in everyway!! I love the colours and print they used aswell plus they are super comfy ♥

That's it for my small summer haul :') I have so many more posts for you lovelies including summer bucketlists and currently I am's/favourites plus just that extra sparkle of disney ♥ 

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