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Living with Aspergers: The Introduction ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Hope you love the new spring/summer look I sure do! I have used alot of punziella's disney edits and loads of deviantart. After alot of hard thinking I have decided to do a personal post today as part of my new series living with aspergers. I have done personal posts in the past but have decided to try and start a series of post that I will do every once in a while to help others with autism or any troubles. This series will cover diagnosis, life, obsessions, emotions and other things..yes I not a specialist but I am living with aspergers so know alot about it!

I got diagnosed with Aspergers in October/November 2013 and haven't ever felt as good as I do now. Aspergers is also called ASD which stand for Autism Spectrum Disorder. There are many types of autism but I at the higher end with aspergers. I've learnt everyone is on the spectrum somewhere but some just shine out more and I  was one of those. It can missed out quite alot with girls as they are more likely to mask their feelings and try to fit in, just like me!

People with Aspergers often find it quite hard to socialise with others for long periods of time and prefer being on their own. We also can have obsessional behaviours like I do with Disney. My life revoles around Disney and I need it to feel happy.

On a personal note, it is known that people with aspergers find everyday chores like hyiene quite hard to do. I have this as I hate showering..I have to have one after this :( I also have to be told when I need to do things other things as I would just sit on my arse all day on my computer playing games, blogging, watching youtube and disney! 

I also get very overwhelmed easily over really small things. My mood can change very fast almost like biopolar I guess. I love rolling in duvets and feeling safe aswell. I stim alot which means lots of jumping and loud noises. I even change my voice at home to a easier more childlike one!

That's my introduction to my new series. Hope your looking forward to it. I will probably do another post tomorrow about Disney probably as some of my readers won't be interested in this.

Bye Lovelies ♥

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