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Some of my Favourite Things

Hey lovelies :) I was hunting through pinterest and found some quotes and art that I love so I decided to share it with you guys so you can see this awesomeness! Before I start I just wanna add this one picture that is for my sister, Zoe. We watched this episode of MLP last night (the last roundup) and she found this moment too funny..so here you go :)

These are some of my favourite things right now and mean alot to me at this point in my life so enjoy :')

These are some of my favourite quotes right now and I found them all on pinterest. I love being different and I embrace my difference, it's too cool not to! I decided that this year I will try to be tougher and more bold, which I feel is going well :) I think these quotes are so beautiful and everyone is different. I have been loving music this past month and have been listening to MLP and EG continually on shuffle and I have it on blast and rock out to it while writing my blog ;)

I have also felt very creative this month as I've blogged nearly everyday for the past few weeks..you can thank my little pony soundtracks ;) I also recently got back into colouring. I use to colour all the time when I was younger with my Dad and I'm so happy I've started again :') I decided a long time ago that growing up isn't the path I'm going to take..I may grow old but grow up..I don't think so!!

Over the past few months I've had friends come and go and recently I had a friend that just moved on without any explanation...I felt like crap honestly. I've wanted to do a post about this for a while but I'm not gunna make a big deal of it ;) I've learnt from my Mum that sometimes you have the just leave your friends be and in time they may come back and if they don't least you know where you stand :) I know my personality and aspergers doesn't help me understand others and being able to help them but I'm learning and sometimes I just wish people would give me a chance. I've met so many amazing friends online and I talk to some of them daily, they are true friends even if some of them live on the other side of the world!!

Of course Disney makes me feel very happy especially the parks! Sadly I don't go to the park too often and I certainly don't go everyday even though it would be a dream too :| One of my closest friends works at Disneyland in California so I love speaking to her and getting my daily lot of Disney goodness ♥ I also watch alot of youtube videos especially SeeYaReelSoon, they are the one of the cutest Disney couples ever and they video all their disney trips :) I have also been loving Sprinkle of Glitter's latest vlogs and blog posts as they have spent time at WDW recently..lucky! They were actually asked by Disney to visit and embrace the magic..contact me please disney..aha!!!!

I have been loving fanart recently especially Disney and MLP. I saw this Elsa picture a few years ago now and loved it, then I found the artist on society6 and found some of their other work! It's breathtaking!!! I think my favourite is Rapunzel as it just so stunning and the colour is perfect ♥ You can find all the art here: society6.com/westling :)

The other art I've fallen in love with is from Rainbow Rocks credits. I already included the art in my Rainbow Rocks review but I love it so much I need to share it again! Rainbow Dash is obviously my favourite and is currently my laptop background but I also love AppleJack and Pinkie Pie alot. I could easily have them all on my wall, they are just so perfect!!

It's incredible the amount of talent people have and Double Rainboom just shows it. It is a fan-made MLP episode featuring mostly Rainbow Dash and then all our other friends. I think the creator must have some animation knowledge but nevertheless this is awesome and could actually be a real episode. I loved it and couldn't stop watching, it was awesome!! There are lots of other fan-made things on youtube from trailers to parodies..so check them out!

There is my favourite things for this month. I'm not sure if I'll do this every month and it won't replace my monthly favourites or currently I am posts..I'll decide next month!! I'll leave you with a short MLP video that I found. It is a song from Rainbow Rocks (that I have posted before) with a special video that I love since it shows off all the personalities :')

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