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Character Lookbook ~ Happy International Women's Day!

Hey lovelies :) Happy International Women's Day! I didn't know it was international women's day till..well today! I saw these awesome disney pictures and knew I had to share them :') 

In celebration I decided to try and make a character lookbook with outfits inspired by them. I chose my favourite strong females but of course this isn't all of them! Over the years females have become more feisty, strong and brave and I love that girl power aspect. It took me all day to make these lookbooks and I'm no fashion girl so I hope you enjoy! 

Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled follows her long dream to see the floating lights and battles thugs and her scary fake mother, while trusting the local theif Flynn Rider to take her there. I found a lilac lace dress and little purple flats to match her little and bouncy attitude. A flowery plait would be a perfect hairystyle for this lost princess and I added a flower purse and yellow rose earrings to finish off the outfit. 

Anna has been alone for so much of her life and doesn't understand why, so when she finally meets new people she is totally excited! Anna hasn't spoke to Elsa in years and when she pushes her too far an angry Elsa releases her icy powers and flees Arendelle. Anna knows she has to go after her and meets alot of friends on the way including some unwanted wolves and scary ice monster. I decided that Anna needs a long cardigan and a scarf for that cold weather and she couldn't do any of this without those little plaits and high boots. To finish off the outfit I decided to add a gold belt to seperate the different pieces. 

Belle is different to others and loves to spend her days with her nose in a book. When she has to stay with the beast, she shows really bravery and she isn't going to just give up. She holds her own with beast and doesn't just get ordered around! I decided to use a mix of Belle's golden ballgown and blue village dress. I knew the dress would have the be more gold than yellow and I wanted to use the loose ponytail with a ribbon in from her villager outfit. I think the yellow bow heels fit the outfit perfectly and I love the red rose necklace to represent Beast's rose. Belle always has a book so what would be better than a book shaped like a bag?!

Gogo Tomago is the strong sassy one in Big Hero 6 and isn't afraid to test her limits. Gogo has to battle a super villain with all her friends, that super awesome! I love Gogo's style so much from her black & purple hair to her leather jacket and ripped leggings. She also doubles up alot with a white top and black shorts. You can to include her signature black gloves and you could even add some bubblegum to really give it that Gogo image!

Tinkerbell is a feisty little fairy and isn't afraid to give you a piece of her mind, just be sure not to make her too angry! Tink has to help Peter Pan fight Captain Hook and keep Neverland alive, that's one heck of a job!! Tinkerbell has to have her original green dress with her messy bun and little green shoes with pomp pomps. I thought Tink would wear alot of accoseries including a little jar of green pixie dust, believing quote bracelets and wing earrings. 

Tiana is one of the strongest Disney females in my opinion and she is a hard-worker for sure, oh yeah she also turns into a FROG?! I used a ton of green for Tiana since that just feels like her colour to me. Tiana wears so many outfits but I decided to focus on her human frog wedding dress. I felt like this light green maxi dress and leaf-like heels were perfect and to finish it off with her bun, a green floral headband and a darker green handbag to make a bold sentment.

Rainbow Dash represents the Element of Loyality, loves speed and has big dreams. She often speaks without thinking and can be quite self-obsessed alot of the time. Of course you can't have Rainbow Dash without her rainbow mane so I used a wig in my lookbook :) I also know I wanted to use knee high converses since I've wanted these FOREVER and they remind of her EG shoes. I used alot of rainbow as you can see with a blue leather jacket to give her that edgy touch. I also thought the red lightning bolt necklace and sunglasses really finished the outfit. 

AppleJack represents the Element of Honesty and hell she is honest. She is also incredibly stubborn and hardworking. I knew I wanted to give Applejack dungrees for that country girl working look with a flannel top. I couldn't make a applejack outfit without her AWESOME hat and cowgirl boots. I acssoriesed the outfit with a brown satchel and red apple necklace just like her cutie mark. I think Applejack's hair would be quite messy but styled in a side ponytale so I found a perfect match :)

Raven Queen is a very strong female at Ever After High as she stood up to everyone and followed her heart by following her own destiny. She has been part of the big events at Ever After High and has had to save the school quite a few times! I found Raven's outfit to be darker that I originally thought with alot of spikes and darker clothes. I love her purple and black hair with her spikey wedges and spiked headband. I also gave her a dark and purple laced dress to match her hair and spiked bracelet and purse to make her outfit really bold. 

On the other side of the colour wheel is the hot pinks! Blair Willows has to uncover massive secrets at her school to reveal her true idenity and that requires alot of bravery and nobody doesn't girl power as good as barbie :') I went full out on Blair's outfit with lots of glitter and pinks with her wavy blonde hair. I made sure to include her tiara and heart necklace to make it really pop! 

 I hope you liked my lookbooks and inspired outfits. I hope to do more soon :') 
Happy International Women's Day!

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