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My Little Pony Season 5: Castle Sweet Castle Review

Hey Guys! It's finally here after nearly a week since showing..I swear this review preparation took forever! Anyway, I decided last week that I was gunna try and do a review for every new episode weekly so here is my review on Episode 3: Castle Sweet Castle! 

So this episode was all about Twilight and how the castle doesn't really feel like home. Since Twilight moved to Ponyville she has always lived in the Golden Oak Library but in the Season 4 Finale, Tirek decided to blow it up :'( At the end of the finale the key chest unlocked and became a massive castle, which now belongs to Twilight and of course her friends, but since all her friends already have houses Twilight lives alone in the castle with Spike. Over the seasons we have seen Twilight love the library and we fell in love with it too so for it to be suddenly taken away especially on a 'kids' show is breathtaking really.

The next morning all the Mane 6 have pancakes, made by Pinkie, for breakfast but Twilight is exactly herself. The ponies discuss how she has been spending endless time with them all like helping Fluttershy clean animals, digging tree holes for AppleJack, sorting out diamond drawers for Rarity, making pancakes with Pinkie and racing Rainbow Dash over and over again. 

They are come to the concusion that she's hiding something and decide to confront her. Poor Twilight is asleep in her pancakes and ends up having to confess that she doesn't like the castle. Of course, all her friends tell her that they will help her decorate while her and Spike take a trip to the spa. But what happens when you leave 5 TOTALLY different ponies without Twilight...well we sure find out!

The episode also brought us another awesome song, which I loved since luckily it wasn't as creepy as the season premiere song ' In Our Town ' so I can totally listen to it without being creeped out! I also loved how the singing sounds alot better than in other seasons especially Dashie at the beginning. I love any MLP songs that includes the mane ponies and when they indivual parts that express their personalities so this song was just perfection for me :) I also love this song since it included this unnessarcary but awesome spin by Rainbow Dash!

This song gave us the montage of the ponies going home and finding things to decorate with but of course they are all totally different so we ended up with this...

The ponies soon find out that the decorating won't be as easy as they first thought as they all love different things and want to include everything they love like Applejack's country barn things, Fluttershy's animals, Rarity's classy look, Pinkie's party craziness and Rainbow Dash's wonderbolt memorabila. The girls aren't too fond of each other's items to say the least..

While all this is happening, Twilight is spending a nice day at the spa and having fun around Ponyville with Spike. She even gets a new hairstyle..which I won't post as it will be a great surprise ;) So with Twilight busy with Spike, the girls are still trying to figure out what to do with castle without arguing too much :| 

 The girls soon realised that they were decorating the castle like it was their own home and not Twilight's. They all thought of themselves and what they would love more than what Twilight would love. I really loved how they used some many mermories in this episode from other seasons as they have made so many but they don't normally talk about many of them..they just happen :/ Applejack and Fluttershy are the first to really realise that they need to think of Twilight and what she loved so much as the Golden Oak Library and what made it home. 

This brings us the reprise of the song from before, which is very short but still very touching. I had no clue what they were going to do until the end when we found out and absoutlely love it. I was so sad that the Golden Oak Library was gone and it felt like the end of an era, but I feel adding touches of it to the castle really made up for it. Of course it isn't the library but times have changed and the characters have grown so I think that they deserve a castle..HELL THEY HAVE LIKE SAVE EQUESTRIA SO MANY TIMES NOW!! Again I love that they included so many memories in the decoration and I feel it was a nice touch :) 

I thought that the characters were on point again during this episode and I love the fiction between them as I often find the ones where they clash like Simple Ways, just entertain me alot and have room for alot of humor between characters. I hope we get to see the other rooms in the castle that they talk about at the end such as the kitchen, bedroom and library. I can't wait for all the memories to come! 

Over the past week there was been TONS of art just like usual so I picked my favourite 3 to show :)

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Until next time, bye guys :)

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