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Hey Guys! Guess What?! I'M FINALLY BACK! It's been nearly a month but I'm back!! I haven't been too great for the past few weeks and didn't feel I could blog. I glad to say that I finally think I'm ready to start getting creative again :') Since I don't wanna go on about how I felt this is a little picture to express how I felt for the past few weeks..

So I'm been feeling pretty sad for the last month and sadly I still do but I really wanna blog so here it goes...I'm just gunna do an update on what you can expect in the next couple of weeks, fingers crossed. 

My Little Pony Season 5
It started off so well! I originally planned to do a review every week on the latest My Little Pony episode from Season 5. So far I've done the season premiere and castle sweet castle, I'm hoping that I can try to do the latest three episodes this week before the new one comes out on Saturday but if not then they will be coming soon. Last weekend was super hard since it was a ponyless weekend..no new episode! I decided to make use this scene from one of the newest episodes 'Tanks for the Memories' to express how I felt. My Mum is Fluttershy telling me that my weekend is going to be ponyless..and then that's me on the right ;) 

What I have Planned!

So I quite alot planned for the next couple of weeks including lots of MLP and Disney! I want to finish off my birthday haul (two months late!), share my growing collections and write about my experience at the Cinderella Exhibition in London with loads of pictures :) I also need to catch up on my MLP reviews and I'm trying to do some more Top 10 lists too as I love those. I'm aware that I missed last months favourites but it won't be missed this month! 

I'm actually going away next week but I'm going to try and have some posts set up as I will have wifi so I can just post them but I can't promise anything. If they come they come..if they don't it will be the week after :) Until next time, bye guys.

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