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Totally Awesome Update! April 2015 ♥

Hey Guys! So this must be one of my latest posts ever but I just had to make it since I have some TOTALLY AWESOME NEWS! It might not be as awesome as some other things but in my world this is pretty damn cool :')

I will start off with my important news, which is.. * pause for dramatic effect * I NOW HAVE A OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE! So lately I've been thinking that I must totally bug loads of my facebook friends with my continual Disney, MLP and blog updates so I thought why don't I just start a facebook post to invade instead! I hope to fill my page with awesome blog updates like exclusive sneak peeks and when I've posted and of course lots of MLP, Disney and EG related news and fun stuff! I will also try to have some pictures from my actual life..yeah can you believe I actually have a life! For example, my guinea pigs and all my obsessions and newest purchases :) I hope that some of you what to join on this journey with me and I can't wait to talk to you as I loved it to be a place I can socialise on too. So be sure to like my page on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/beingme1999
I'll also be adding a quick like button to my side buttons :)

I have also been adding some of my own PMVs to Youtube. If you don't know, because I didn't until like two weeks ago, PMV stands for Pony Music Videos. I watched quite a few on Youtube and felt like I really wanted to give it a try. I love making them and can't wait to make more. So far I've uploaded about 5 on Youtube :) I will post one below but be sure to check them out at the link as I've got loads of videos for each individual from the Mane 6 so far to come!
Be sure to check those out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/LilPinkRock 

So that's my social media update! I will have more posts coming as I know I've been slacking lately..just been abit under the weather :( I have lots of disney, mlp and lifestyle/personal posts planned so stay tuned :)

Until next time, bye guys ♥

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