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The Movies Tag ♥

Hey Guys! As promised I'm doing another tag today..The Movies Tag! It isn't about Disney movies but just movies in general :)  I saw this on Youtube and thought why not give it ago!

1) Favourite movie of all time? 
This is hard because I don't really have a favourite movie but I guess Peter Pan, Mean Girls or Elf because I LOVE Peter Pan, Mean Girls is just a classic and it's so true! Elf is just the perfect christmas movie..and I saw it the other day I laughed so much!!

2) Favourite scene from that movie?
My favourite scene in Peter Pan is when you them fly out of the window and then you see Neverland for the first time! Mean Girls is probably the hardest because I LOVE the whole movie..but probably when Cady meets The Plastics and then Karen asks 'If she's from Africa..why is she white?'. My favourite part in Elf has to be when he buys his Dad Lingerie accidently because he doesn't know what it is!

3) Favourite actors/actresses?
I LOVE Benedict Cumberbatch, Jennifer Lawerence, Tom Hiddleston, Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Adam Sandler and Sandra Bullock! I LOVE all of these actors and actresses but I'm sure theres loads more..but these are the ones I thought of on the top of my head :)

4) Most annoying actor/actresses?
I honestly have no clue..I can't think of someone off the top of my head!

5) Best director?
I don't know the names of many directors but I think Steven Spielburg is probably one of the best because he has made amazing classics like Jaws, Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones.

6) Favourite gulity pleasure film?
It's probably like Grease or Mamma Mia because they are super cheesy but I love watching them when I feel sad!

7) Favourite tear jerker?
I don't watch like sad movies because I hate knowing something terrible is going to happen at one point but I saw The Last Song once years ago and I'm sure I cried then. 

8) Character from a movie that scared you the most?
I'm am gunna use Disney for this one because when I was younger Ursula from The Little Mermaid scared me but now I think she amazing! One character that always scares me is Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty..its the like horns she has they freak me out! I have never seen Sleeping Beauty because I hate Maleficent!

9) Movie you love that everyone hates?
This is hard because alot of movies I see everyone likes! I guess Mean Girls 2 because loads of my friends are like it just loads of Disney girls in it and it isn't as good as the first one but I didn't think it was too bad and I have watched it a couple of times...

10) Movie you hate that everyone loves?
I don't hate it but Twilight definatly! I remember loads of girls loved Twilight and I just never got into it..the whole Vampire vs Werewolf thing?! It just didn't interest me at the all even the love story in it...I prefer Disney! Sorry Twilight fans..

11) Favourite movie duo?
Timon and Pumbaa are the most amazing movie duo because they are just so funny and I love both of them!!

12) Favourite animated movie?
I can't chose honestly because I love most animated movies. I love Peter Pan, Tangled, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, Rise of the Guardians, Finding Nemo, Gnemo and Juilet, A Bugs Life, Madgascar, Shrek, Ice Age, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Despicable Me and so many more! I pretty sure I will love Disney's upcoming animated movie 'Frozen' aswell!

13) Actor/Actress crush?
I LOVE Ryan Reynolds so much so that probably my actor crush ♥

14) Favourite movie villian?
I absoutely LOVE villians...I think they are normally more interesting than the heros! I couldn't pick a favourite but I love Joker, Scar, Ursula, Hades, Dr Facilfer, Randall, Loki, Voldemort and loads more!

15) What movie suprised you the most?
I don't know probably Now You See Me because I loved the idea behind it and I love the twists in it. If you haven't seen it you NEED too! I couldn't guess the ending..I was totally suprised.

16) If you could keep one movie what would it be?
OMG I think I would actually die! Probably a Disney movie either like Peter Pan, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid! 

17) Movie Reccommendation and for whom?
As I said before I saw Now You See Me a few weeks ago and I loved it..it was amazing! And I reccomend it to everyone!!

18) If you could go back in time and marry actor/actress from back when (now old) who would it be?
 Leonardo Dicaprio because he was really fit and cute..!

19) One remake you wish a had never been made?
Grease 2 because Grease was great and then they didn't need to make a sequel because it just wasn't as good :( 

20) About to die but could only watch one more movie what would it be?
Tangled because I love it and it makes me laugh and the songs are amazing! But I probably watch one of my Disney ones..or Mean Girls! 

21) Favorite movie genre/favorite movie from that genre?
I LOVE thrillers but I haven't seen many so my other favourite genre is Animated..so a Disney one probably or one I mentioned in Question 12 :)

22) What's the first movie you remember watching in theaters?
Laura's Star..I loved that movie but I found it really sad :(

Thats it and I tag everyone ♥♥

Bye Guys ♥♥

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