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Hey Guys! I'm gunna do a blog about gaming today, I know some people don't do gaming but I gunna try and talk about all different types of gaming from new games to new consoles! Since Christmas is coming it's a big time for gaming companies so theres plenty to cover :)

It's Clash of the Consoles!
The Xbox One was released today with several launch games and even though I don't play Xbox I kinda want one! They look cool and my sister who uses her Xbox 360 all the time would LOVE one! They are currently sold out in alot of places because of people pre-ordering but I'm postive there will be more in by Christmas luckily! The Xbox one now includes the Kinect 2.0 which makes the console about £429! Some of the launch games include Call of Duty: GHOSTS, Fifa 14, Battlefield 4 and Just Dance 2014..to name just a few.

The new Playstation 4 is going to be released just next week, going into a full battle with the Xbox One. The Playstation is actually cheaper than the rival console by £80,  being only £349. It doesn't included a Playstation camera (move) like the Xbox One but you can connect it with your PSP Vita if you have one. You can buy a PS4 camera though for about £55 if you need one. The launch games are pretty much the same as the Xbox One's with Call of Duty: GHOSTS, Fifa 14, Battlefield 4 and Just Dance 2014 making a appearance.

I don't know who is gunna win this battle of the consoles but I guess by Christmas we will find out!

The End of The Sims 3
Sims 3 recently launched it's newest and last expansion to the franchise 'Into the Future'. I haven't got it yet..Christmas present :/ but I have seen alot of Lets Play's on Youtube. Alot of the simmers I have watched said within a few parts they really didn't know what to do next as they felt they had explored everything..I'm looking forward to get really into the Bot Building Career and Legacy Statues as some the Simmers didn't get to into it. I think it's something different and I'm excited to give it a go. As I said that this was the last expansion pack to The Sims 3 because Sims 4 is on it's way! It has been annouced that it should be arriving in Fall/Autumn 2014..Yeah I know so far away!!!! They did show off some of CAS features at a GamesCom event during the summer and the official trailer has been released so I will give you a link to them incase you missed it and your interested!

R.I.P Wii
I generally don't know what this means but the Nintendo Wii has apparently died :( I grew up with the Wii and I seriously love it. It brings the whole family together and we always have a laugh even if it does sometimes break into arguements! I loved the Wii..I'm guessing that by the Wii dieing that it means that there will be no more games made for it?! I actually don't know but I don't plan to buy a Wii U just because of it! I guess the Xbox will be more handy now :)

3DS, Wii U and a new Nintendo family member
The 3DS and Wii U still live on and there's a new console in the Nintendo family...The 2DS. It plays all the 3DS but without the 3D. The idea is cool but you could just buy a 3DS and decided whether you want to play 3D or 2D..like I do! The 2DS doesn't close either as it almost like a tablet..I won't be buying one of these as I have a 3DS and I don't really like the fact the 2DS doesn't seem too portable.

My Top 5 Games for Christmas

1. Disney Infinity - I'm a massive Disney fan myself and I think this game looks amazing! I haven't played it before but I think it looks cool. I would get it on Xbox or Playstation because of updates and memory plus the Wii is dead...! I love the idea of the figures and they are all so cute! There is a new wave of characters coming out in time for Christmas with princesses joining like Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa. Vanellope and Ralph are also making there way to the game. A classic Sorcerer Mickey is in the mix aswell which I think is pretty cool!

2. LEGO Marvel Superheros - Superheros + Lego = Awesomeness!!! I love Marvel Superheros especially the Avengers and LEGO games are just so exciting to play. I really want this for Christmas but again I would personally get it on Xbox or Playstation for the updates, content and memory. You can play as a range of Marvel Superheros and I think the game just look fun! I played a Xbox demo with my sister and I can tell you that we just wanted to keep playing it :D

3. Sims 3: Into the Future - If you are mad Sims fan like me..you should get the last expansion because it's different and it looks alot of fun. It gives you awesome technology funiture like Dream Pod Beds and hologram computers...Also flying cars, jetpacks and hoverboards...! It is also the last expansion so if you have a big collection like me then you should definatly try and get it :)

4. Just Dance 2014 - Just Dance is just a fun way to exercise and have fun with friends! This year theres loads more great tunes and artists to rave to such as Ariana Grande, Will.I.am, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and One Direction..and there are also some classics like ABBA, Disney, Bob Marley and the song everybody knows ' Y.M.C.A'!!!

5. Batman: Arkham Origins - My friend (you know who you are..) LOVES the Batman games and finished this one in less than 2 weeks I think..I played it with her and I was amazing! I have played Arham City but this is the sequel to the past two games. I think the graphics really help the game look perfect. The storyline is abit confusing if you don't know you Batman facts but I'm sure that youwould get the grips of it.

Thats my round up the current Gaming and I will update it next month probably if I remember!!

Bye Guys ♥


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