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November Update ♥

Hey Guys ♥ I'm going to do a November Update today because it's nearly December! I'm going to announce something that is hard for me to do :')

New Look and Music
As you may have noticed I have been playing with the design of my blog for a few weeks...and I have finally finished. I searched and searched for different templates and then found a website that showed my step by step to make my on blog and I'm happy with the result :). I also updated the music abit, I added Demi Lovato singing 'Let it Go' from Frozen and Jessie J's new song 'Thunder'. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and I hope you love my new design!

New Page Possibly?
I have been thinking of adding a new page to my blog with my Current Sim Households on..I really enjoy sharing my Sim Households with other people and I also take tons of pictures on it too so I thought I might as well post some pictures and update you guys every now and then on my current households :) 

Big News!
This is the Big News I am going to announce..it's not to important to any of you but I recently found out that I have Aspergers which is a type of High Functioning Austism. I have had it all my life and have only just found out as it normally hard to diagonse girls. It makes me no different then I am but I feel that I should tell you because it is a part of me but my blog won't change and I just wanna support other people who are struggling with Aspergers because it doesn't have much support at all and I really wanna change that! I really LOVE watching and reading Willow Hope's blog, she is an inspiration to me and I really feel she is amazing! If you haven't heared of her then check her Youtube or Blog out ♥ 

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday
Lastly I just wanna wish all my American Blog Readers an amazing ThanksGiving! And I hope that Black Friday goes well for anyone doing that :) I hoping to do some tomorrow because only a few shops in the UK do it so far!

That's it for my November Update so I will try and post again today but if not..Keep look for tomorrow ♥

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