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I'M BACK GUYS! I'm sorry I haven't posted in months, I have been super busy with school, playing sims and life in general but I'm really gunna try a post more when I'm free. I am going to do a like life thing today...different sections on parts of my life that I am looking forward to or enjoying! 

My Life Update..and school....:(
I have had improvement in my life with my counselling but I have been feeling crap lately over the past 4 weeks really but I'm starting to improve luckily! I have been off school all this week but I'm feeling abit better today although my body is very achy :( I'm doing my GCSE's at school and it's super hard! So much work!!!!

Movies and TV
I saw the Nickeloden movie 'Swindle' a few weeks ago as it premiere here in the UK. It was really good because I love the actors in it! Jennette Mccurdy is my favourite in it but I do love Ariana in it too :D I'm super excited for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire aswell because I loved the first one and the second one just looks outstanding! I love Jennifer Lawerence too because I think she is amazing in Silver Linings and The Hunger Games :)

I'M OVERLY EXCITED FOR FROZEN TO COME TO THE UK! It comes out December 6th and I'm so excited!!!! It looks sooo good! I love the characters and it's made by the makers of Tangled and Wreck It Ralph..I love both! The songs sound outstanding and I absolutely love Demi Lovato's version of Elsa's song 'Let It Go' and if you haven't heard it you NEED to!!

Here in the UK..X Factor is in full swing of it's Live Shows..Yes I have fallen into the X Factor trap! I tell myself every year that I'm not gunna watch it but I always do! I also am watching Strictly with my Mum and they are in full swing too...I love the dresses!!! The series I'm most looking forward to is 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here' which starts tomorrow (sunday 17th november, 9pm, ITV). It is my favourite programme ever and I wait every year for it!! Joey Essex is on it this year and for TOWIE fans this is gunna be good :D 


The Holidays are Coming!
As everybody knows Christmas is on it's way with all the Christmas adverts, sales, food and lights everywhere! I'm very excited for Christmas because I'm going to get Sims 3 Into the Future which is just amaziness! I also love giving my family gifts which I buy and they don't know what it is :D The famous John Lewis advert premiered last weekend during The X Factor and it's called 'The Bear and The Hare' with Lilly Allen singing the song. It is very beautiful and I suggest that if you haven't seen it then you NEED to again!!! I also loved Morrisons advert because they used a Disney song from 'Beauty and the Beast' which is Be Our Guest but change some of the lyrics I think it's super cool! I love Marks and Spencers with the girl falling down the drain and being in different fairytales and stories! My annual favourite is always the Coca Cola one with the truck and I saw the truck last year and I'm gunna try and see it this year again!!! I love it so much ♥♥

Coke - I couldn't find the version I ment but there's loads of different ones on Youtube..I bet you have seen it anyway!

I'm gunna end this post here so Bye Guys!! ♥♥♥

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