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My 2016 Overview

While writing this I've got a heavy cold and my life is crazy, if you haven't been following me on instagram you wouldn't know that my Nan is got taken into hospital on Christmas Day and she's still there..so Christmas didn't actually happen in my life, and my life & year has been crazy, yes I had some amazing times & moments but I tried to plan an overview of my year and just realised so much craziness has happened I just couldn't, so this is as close as I could get.
I'm in middle of planning a 'What I got for Christmas' post but taking photos and other things are just getting in the way at the moment but I'm sure it will come! 

Biggest Accomplishment of 2016

In January 2016, my family decided to get a dog. I was TERRIFIED of dogs. I couldn't go anywhere that could have a possibility of a dog like a park and I couldn't go round people's houses with dogs..I can't even explain how crazy my fear was. My sister has always wanted a dog and found the most adorable golden retriever puppy called Izzy, we all fell in love instantly. I remember going to see her and being petrified and when she came home with us in the car I cried and thought I'd made the biggest mistake ever. I can now say I LOVE DOGS & IZZY! Izzy has been my rock this year. I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through this year without her, she is my best friend.

Best Memory of 2016

I was in a very dark place in the middle of this year, honestly I nearly went to hospital twice over my mental health. My biggest wish was to go back to Disneyland Paris as I feel HOME there. It's a feeling I can't explain but it feels right inside me..kinda like how Moana feels home on the ocean...
Of course I'd love to go to the other bigger Disney parks but Paris is the nearest, it's my home park so that was my wish. My AMAZING parents made it come true as they booked me a short stay with my Dad in August. I had the most awesome time, it was magical. We dined in the big Disneyland Pink Hotel with characters, watched shows & met loads of characters including my all time favourite Peter Pan. That was my best memory, meeting Peter Pan & going to Disneyland Paris, it just gave me a new lease of life.

Biggest Obstacle of 2016

 This is a hard one. Honestly my biggest obstacle of 2016 has been myself & my autism. I love my autism, it makes me special but it also makes life incredibly hard & difficult to live. Last year I really embraced my autism and realised all it's amazing quirks that it gives me but I feel this year I've felt alot of the drawbacks. I've really struggled to keep going but luckily I have an amazing family, who support me in everything I do. I can't thank them enough.

What I'm looking forward to in the New Year (2017)

I'm very lucky as next year I will be going back to Disneyland Paris in the summer with my family to celebrate my 18th birthday (even though my birthday is in March!). I'm so excited!! I've started planning & I can't wait to get things in motion. I just can't wait to see that beautiful castle again. 
I'm also looking forward to spending another amazing year with my little furry friends, Izzy the Golden Retriever & Fig the guinea pig..and of course all my family.

That's my 2016 overview, short but sweet. 
I'm so happy to be blogging again, it just feels right. 
Happy New Year!

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