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Top 10 Disney Soundtracks

So today I'm sharing my personal Top 10 Disney Soundtracks. These are my personal choices so they might not be your favourites and I might miss out your number 1 but I'd love to know your favourites in the comments! 

10. Tangled

Just making into my Top 10 is Disney's 50th Animated Classic, Tangled. This may come as a surprise as Rapunzel is my favourite princess but the music isn't my favourite. I think the musical scenes are amazing & perfectly animated but I just think Disney have made better songs.

9. Brother Bear

I feel that Brother Bear is such an underrated Disney movie and it's so good especially the music. Phil Collins really knocks the soundtrack out the park, giving us all the feels with every beat & word. When a song is meant to be sad you feel sad & when a song is happy you feel happy, it's just perfect! 

8. Mulan

While finding my Top 10, Mulan actually surprised me as I didn't expect it to be in my list. I often discount Mulan from my favourite Disney movies but I do love it and need to mention it more! I love the difference in every song in this movie, you have the sad princess song, followed by a tough hard song. It is just perfectly balanced.

7. The Princess and the Frog

This was another one that surprised me but listening to the New Orleans beats just makes me feel good. Again I love the songs so much especially When I'm Human & Friends on the Other Side. They have so much feeling that I just wanna dance when I hear Going Down the Bayou!

6. Aladdin

This was actually the last soundtrack I thought of but it shot straight the number 6 when I thought of it! I can't believe I nearly missed it off my list and Aladdin has some of my favourite songs. I feel the songs in Aladdin are used in the right places to keep the story on track & progressing in the right way. I wouldn't say that there is a song just put there because they felt they didn't use enough songs, if you know what I mean..? Great songs and great placement!

5. Moana

Disney newest classic has gone straight into the Top 5 in my books. When I first heard a sample of the music online I didn't think I'd like it, but I was surprised as now I can't stop listening to it! I loved the movie as you probably know and the songs were just perfect. They gave the movie the right feeling & that hint of culture that it needed to feel complete. 

4. Tarzan

Phil Collins once again graces my list with his amazing songs from Tarzan. I don't think this movie would have been complete without these songs. They just have so much meaning & depth to them that immerses you into the story.

3. The Lion King

Now we are into the Top 3, and I don't think this list would be right without them. The Lion King is such a special Disney movie as it has all the right components to be amazing, which is was! The Lion King has some of Disney best songs in my opinion and I couldn't imagine the movie without them. They give such feeling to the movie & gives the characters such personality. 

2. Beauty and the Beast

Just missing the number 1 spot is Beauty and the Beast. I love this movie & can't wait for the new live action one especially as they have kept the wonderful soundtrack. Beauty and the Beast has so many rememberable songs from Tale as Old as Time to Gaston to Be Our Guest. I don't know about you but whenever I hear the songs I can picture the movie scene in my head..that how amazing the whole soundtrack is.

1. Frozen

Finally number 1 goes to Frozen! Did you guess?! Frozen has a special place in my heart & always will have as it really captured me back into Disney. Of course I've always loved Disney but Frozen was when I started to obsessed and become addicted & start collecting again outside of my childhood. I can't say how many times I've listened to the Frozen soundtrack! I even went to a sing-along as I loved the movie and the music so much. The music just complements the movie perfectly and gives it such power. Frozen is my favourite Disney soundtrack & it will take some beating to change that.

That's my Disney Top 10 Soundtracks, but what's your favourite?

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