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Disney Store Moana Doll Review

Is anyone else totally obsessed with Moana?! Writing my review the other day really reminded me how much I loved it & now I'm obsessing..like I'm listening to the music over and over again, I just bought the sticker album and another Moana post today! 

I recently got the Classic Moana Doll in Disney's Black Friday Sale when it was 20% off everything so I got Moana for a really good price. I knew as soon as I saw her I needed her for my doll collection as she is stunning and so unique. I love Moana's style and chunkiness compared to the other princesses. Yes I know she isn't a princess, but she will be going with my princess collection! 

 Moana is wearing her signature outfit from the movie with the Polynesian designs that I LOVE. She also has her amazingly textured hair that I feel is just better than some of the normal classic princess dolls. It has a better texture & volume in my opinion. This could be best Moana is abit more expensive than the other classic dolls...I'm not sure but I love her hair! Her special necklace is also included, it doesn't open like the Limited Edition version but it's still a pretty version of the actual design. She also comes with her oar from her boat, which I thought was a cool accessory to include and it really gives her personality & makes you feel like she's about to go on an adventure!

I love this doll alot and had alot of fun taking photos of her as she is designed so well that she is just busting with personality. If your debating whether you need her or not..you DO! 

You can buy Moana here
 And you can explore the whole range here

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