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Aladdin the Musical Review

I was very lucky in August last year as I got to go and see Aladdin the Musical. I'd been excited for this since we booked it & knew it was going to be amazing. I thought today I'd review the show with you guys, spoiler free! 

Aladdin the musical is based off the classic Disney movie. If your a fan of Disney, west end shows or even the movie you'll really enjoy this show. It includes the fantastic songs from the movie that you love & loads of new songs by Alan Menken & Howard Ashman. My favourite new song is 'Proud of Your Boy', it's really emotional & touching song sang by Aladdin, that was originally meant to go into the movie but didn't make it. All of classics are of course amazing especially 'Friend Like Me', that whole sequence it a reason to see this show, it's spectacular! 

One of the things I was worried about is how some of the sets & scenes would be shown like The Cave of Wonders. But I shouldn't have worried at all as they are amazingly translated onto stage. From the breathtaking special effects to the stunning Arabian sets, it's really one not to miss.

All the actors performances were outstanding but for me the stand out performance had to be Genie played by Trevor Dion Nicholas. I honestly didn't think anyone could match the amazingness of Robin Williams as Genie but I have to say Trevor really matched it for me. He brought the Genie to life once again & reminded me why I love Genie so much! He was hilarious at the right moment & his singing voice was expectational. I've never been to a show where there was a complete standing ovation & encore after one song. Friend Like Me was perfect, he added his own spin but it wasn't too much. I would go to see this show again just to see Trevor play Genie again. But as I said all the actors performances were amazing & of course all the ensemble was awesome too.

If your thinking about going, just do it, you won't regret it & your in for such a Disney treat! I would personally go into this show blind, no spoilers as the surprises are totally worth it and will be more breathtaking. If you want a small sneak peek then I recommend watching this short clip from Children in Need, it shows just enough to get you ready. 

Have you seen the show yet? Are you going to see it? 
I'd love to know what you thought or what part your looking forward to!

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