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Currently I Am ♥ January 2015 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm not great at all right now but I haven't blogged in a few days and thought why not? It is only going to be a basic simple post since my mind just isn't in the right place to do anything serious or big but nevertheless enjoy!

Reading...the newest ever after high book with all different stories in it :)  
Watching...celebrity big brother..I blame my sister..it's addictive!
Playing...my magical disney world on 3DS. I need to do a review soon!  
Trying...to feel better everyday :')  
Eating...alot of crisps and cheese strips by Dairylea!  Drinking...lots of tea and apple juice :)  
Cooking...i've been baking some disney cakes recently.  Calling...nobody..    
Texting...my friend about pintrading and disney as always..it never ends!  
Pinning...loads of big hero 6 ♥  
Tweeting...about disney..forever and forever...  
Crafting...nothing at the moment really..but I wanna scrapbook soon :)  
Doing...alot of instagramming!   
Going...to see Into the Woods tomorrow with my Dad and I can't wait!  
Loving...the new Ever After High and Monster High dolls being released..oh and pins!!  
Hating...that Big Hero 6 isn't in UK cinemas yet but is on DVD in the US next month! 

Enjoying...cuddling my baymax plush daily :)   
Thinking...about how adorable my new weighted blanket will look when I get it! 

Feeling...excited for my birthday even though it's only january, aha!   
Hoping...that I feel better soon ♥   
Listening (to)...barbie, fall out boy (immortals), wicked, into the woods and many others!   
Celebrating...that my family is so supportive and amazing ♥♥♥ Thanking...my family for being so super amazing and supportive and patient with me ♥  
Considering...my future..which path to take..  
Finishing...my nesting doll pin set soon, yay! 
Starting...to live each day as it comes :')

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