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Big Hero 6 Review ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Yesterday I went to see the UK preview of Big Hero 6 at my local big cinema. I've been hyped for this movie for so long..I even had a dream..yeah I know weird right?! Anyway I've FINALLY seen it and I'm now going to give you guys an adorable review :) I also decided to use some of my favourite moments from the movie in GIFS and voice my opinion at the bottom (spoilers included!) I will be trying to do a Big Hero 6 Tag soon to express my love for it and maybe a team overview but you'll have to wait and see but for now enjoy!

The movie takes place in San Fransokyo, a mix between San Fransico and Tokyo, and it is truly stunning. You feel totally absorbed into the world and it's surroundings as the animation is just spot on as always. The story is focused around a 14 year old boy called Hiro. Hiro is a genius and graduated high school at 13. Since then he hasn't been doing much except from illegal bot fighting in the streets for money. Hiro's older brother Tadashi is worried that Hiro is wasting his gift and needs to be helping the world so decides to take him to his Nerd Lab, where Tadashi shows Hiro his new project Baymax who is a robotic personal health care nurse. Hiro also gets the meet Tadashi friends Honey Lemon, Gogo Tomago, Wasabi and Fred who also study at the Nerd Lab. 

Hiro is so amazed by the lab that he wants to join so Tadashi tells him that the open day is soon and they pick people to join every year. Hiro decided to present his creation of microbots, a group of little robots who can be made into anything you can think of. Everything is great in Hiro's life until a tragic event happens and Hiro is submerged in a depressive isolated state. 

One day Hiro accidentally activates Baymax when stubbing his toe and says 'Ow' signalling pain. Baymax is programmed to help any patient in need of help so he is immediately activated to help Hiro. Hiro tells Baymax is he fine and can leave him alone but Baymax continues to help. When Hiro founds out that his microbots have fallen into the wrong hands and could cause trouble, he makes Big Hero 6. 

Hiro and the gang have to save their city while uncovering secret that they never expected..

Big Hero 6 is a great movie that is very uplifting but also quite sad at times..bring the tissues! I can't wait to see it again either in cinema or on DVD and if you haven't seen it you need to! It is another Disney must see and I think possibly one of the best as the emotional core and bond is just so powerful. 

So I need to voice what I thought my favourite parts but mostly...did I cry?! I decided to put a little banner between the two posts just to make sure people know when to carry on or stop as this part will contain spoilers! 

First I wanna say how much I loved the characters! I do wish they had explored more into the other characters of team so we could know more about them but I do understand this is Hiro's story. I absolutely LOVE Hiro so much, he might possibly be one of my favourite characters. I love the depth they gave him and his personality is just great. Baymax is also positively one of my favourite characters, I LOVE LOVE LOVE him so much! He is adorable and I do prefer nurse Baymax to Armour Baymax :) 

Right let's get down to the core with Tadashi (why such hard names?! forever looking at wiki!) and his extremely sad death. I wasn't shocked when he died as it pretty much says it in the trailer with Tadashi gone and he wanted to go great things..but it hit me so much harder than I thought it would. It was just like Up or The Lion King, the character is only in the movies for 30 minutes (sometimes even less) but you still make that connection that you didn't think you would. I thought 'Oh he will be in it for a few minutes and then die..it will be fine' but no I made a connection and it hit me so much when he died. I didn't cry at this point although I was very near too..my heart was beating so far I thought I was going to have a heart attack! I'm pretty sure that if I watched in on my own I would cry like a little baby..!

On the topic of death the ending killed me SO MUCH! I thought once again I was going to have a heart attack my heart was beating so fast!! I was certain that after one death you couldn't have another..c'mon this is a disney movie right?! I will admit when Hiro and Baymax were saying goodbye and Hiro said 'I'm satisfied with my care' and Baymax floated away I was crying and crying and crying..I could have flooded the cinema I was cry so damn much. I think if this movie was plainly Marvel Baymax would have probably died..saying that Loki keeps fake dying in Thor?! But since this was made by Disney you couldn't have two death and you couldn't kill off your little inflatable adorable guy! I was so happy when Baymax came back and although I don't completely understand how, he did! I read up on it and apparently Hiro re-build him and since the program chip was in the remains he was able to bring Baymax back. It's a Disney movie, things sometimes don't make sense but you can't over think it..it happened..end of story! 

I've read alot about people debating whether Hiro and Tadashi had aspergers or autism since they were incredibly smart. I'm not sure..I could identify with alot that Hiro said and did but I don't think they make characters have a certain illness, it might just seem that way..

I'm extremely proud of the past two animated movies that Disney have given us as they seemed to really both take giant steps into the future and evolve the way that Disney normally works. I felt that Big Hero 6 was more like a Pixar movie at times since it made you so emotional and at points it was very adult emotion like Up but I'm glad that Disney are moving forward into a new generation of fantastic movies. I can't wait to see there next creation :)

When I first saw the concept art for Big Hero 6 on a Frozen special programme I thought what the hell?! It looked cool but didn't look like Disney to me but I can't believe how much my view has changed. 


I've had to process this film in my head as it took alot of emotion and strength and over the past day I've realised how much I loved Big Hero 6. It might actually be in my Top 10 Disney movies ever! I loved the modern feel, characters, scenery, story and depth. I don't watch sad movies ever really and this is about as sad as I can go so to me this was a step forward for me that I kept on watching even when it got tough. I hope to get some of the merchandise throughout the year for the movie but not obsessively like Frozen as I feel I'm more selective with this movie. I can't wait to see it again sometime and no doubt I will cry again and again and again!

Before I end take time to watch this short clip that will make your day..it's probably my favourite part of the whole movie..

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