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December Favourites ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE EVE!! I'm so excited that Christmas is nearly here.. can't you believe it?! So I've been thinking and I have decided that I will do my december favourites before Christmas as I want to tell you before I get new things (which will be in another post!) and at the end of the year I will do Favourites of the Year :) So relax with your hot chocolate and fluffy slippers and let's go on a magical journey to find my December favourites..(that was so cheesy!)...


This month I've really been loving Taylor Swift especially her newest song Blank Space. I love it so much! Of course I have also been listening to Christmas songs all month because who hasn't?!


So my favourite game this month is actually the same as last month. I'm in love with Animal Crossing at the moment on my 3DS! It is snowing and wintery for christmas and it's adorable. I'm also actually dressed as Elsa using a QR code that I got. If you wanna dress as Disney characters just type in Google 'Disney QR code' and then the movie you want so like Frozen or Tangled and then you will get a picture with four QR codes in order...go to the Able Sisters and use the QR machine at the back to make the dress :) I've been building like crazy and I really want the cafe..so wish me luck! 


So I'm a massive fan of Ever After High and loads of people were telling me that Monster High is pretty good too so I decided to give one of the movies a try! I watched the trailer for them and picked 13 Wishes are it really looked good and I love movies about wishes and stuff so I watch it and I loved it! I really enjoyed it and since then I have watched Frights, Camera, Action! and Freaky Fusion which I also enjoyed. I will be trying to buy 13 wishes as I loved it so much and I'm trying to watch the others too :)


My favourite book this month is of course sometime Disney and Frozen! I saw a lovely book in my local ASDA the other day which included these two new stories from Arendelle. It includes Phantoms of Arendelle and Olaf & Sven on Thin Ice, which are great in my opinon. I've read the Phantoms of Arendelle and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend these books and I know they are mainly on kindle here in the UK but I think you can only get the double book in ASDA ;)


So all the TV reality shows that we wait for every year finally ended..Foggy won I'm a Celeb, Ben Haenow won X Factor, Caroline Flack won Strictly Come Dancing and Mark won The Appearance. I have watched all these shows from start to finish like the loner I am, and enjoyed some of them so reality TV shows have to be my TV favourite of December, other than cheesy Christmas TV and movies!


I don't really have a proper favourite toy for this month but other the past few months I've loved my Pluto Pillow Pet that I bought from Disneyland Paris this year for 30 euros. I have never regretted this purchase and would love to have more actually!! I sleep with it every night and it a great thing to cuddle :) 

That's it for my December Favourites! If you have read my other favourites you might realise I have missed out the app/website for this month and that is because I don't really have a favourite as I'm using the ones I already use over and over again so I decided it wouldn't be worth it ;) Anyway Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I'm planning on blogging tomorrow so look forward to that :') 

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