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My Favourite Disney Scores ♥

Hey lovelies ♥ I recently watched ThatDisneyLover's video called My Top 15 Disney Scores and you can find it here! It gave me inspiration to do one of my own as I've recently grown to love and appreciate scores. Of course I had to have more than 15 as I can't decide which to include so in total I have over 20! Better get started!

28. Main Title - The Pirate Fairy ♥
I know this is kinda random but I actually love this score at the very beginning and it always makes me feel they have finally brought the series back home to Hook and Peter :)

27. Meg's Garden - Hercules ♥
I find this score quite romantic and relaxing plus I love how it kinda an instrumental of 'I won't say I'm in love' at points.

26. Main Title (Second Star to Right) - Peter Pan ♥
I had to include this as this is my life right here. It is an old score but to me has never dated as it always sounds so magical :)

25. Boo's Going Home - Monsters Inc ♥
I definitely think that Pixar does so well at producing such emotional songs including this one as it always makes me want to cry :'(

24. This Land - The Lion King ♥
I just like the sounds in this score really ;)

 23. Rise and Shine - Monsters University ♥
Another weird one right?! I loved this score since I first saw the movie and the part with this score is actually my favourite part of the movie ;)

22. Married Life - Up ♥
Now even though I don't like watching Up as I cry EVERYTIME..I LOVE so many of the scores in this movie. I think a good score should either give you goosebumps or make you cry and this one does both.

21. Souped Up - Ratatouille ♥
I'm not a massive fan of Ratatouille but I do love this part when Remy is first making the soup in the kitchen to this score :)

20. Summit Siege - Frozen ♥
Oh the first Frozen of many! Frozen is probably my favourite scored film ever and it was super hard to pick my favourites but I do love the intense feeling of this one. I also secretly enjoying pretend to be Elsa in my room protecting myself from the guards..oh spoiler into my life ;)

19. Four Seasons Opening Ceremony - The Pirate Fairy ♥
I bet you didn't expect this to come on here! I really love this score as it reminds me of the beginning of Disney Dreams! when the lights come on and it starts ;) I also love the beginning score of this movie with all the old peter pan scores ♥

18. Monsters Inc. - Monsters Inc ♥
If you don't know this score by name, you would if I told you it is the kind of theme tune..beginning tune. I've loved it for a while actually as I love the beat and tempo :)

17. The Tear Heels - Tangled ♥
This is the score for the end of Tangled when Rapunzel heels Eugene/Flynn and it just sounds like pure magic! I also love how the score changes from dark to magical :) 

16. On the Rooftop/What's a Kiss/Perturbed Pixie - Peter Pan ♥
This is when we first see Peter Pan on the rooftop and he meets Wendy. I just love the beginning when you hear the little whistle-like sound, which is like my favourite thing in the world except his call which actually made me cry when I was watching Dreams! at DLP this May! We were walking out to the bus as it was ending and while I was walking out the park I heard the call and I cried a little ♥

15. Memories Can Weight You Down - Up ♥
I love the up kinda tempo of this one really ;)

14. King of Pride Rock - The Lion King ♥
I absolutely LOVE this score! I love the middle and end of it to be honest. It is one of my favourite bits in the movie, when Simba confronts Scar and Scar calling him a murderer then confesses he killed Mufusa..spoiler ;) Then Simba stands on Pride Rock and it just makes me feel warm ;)

13. Stuff We Did - Up ♥
I actually refuse to listen to this unless I have to like on a show or the actual movie as it makes me cry SO MUCH! I literally heard it for less than 5 minutes when watching a TV show once and I was in floods of tears. It's just perfection in a score ♥

12. Waiting for the Lights - Tangled ♥
Magic in a score..enough said!

11. Elsa & Anna - Frozen ♥
This maybe the cutest score! I love it so much as it just screams fun but then changes so suddenly to dark and intense, it's a stunning piece :)

10. Flying Over Neverland - Peter Pan 2 ♥
My first Peter Pan 2 score. I don't think this movie gets the credit it needs as it's a sequel but the scores are perfection and just give me hope ♥

9. Sorcery - Frozen ♥
This is the most intense piece of music ever! I LOVE it especially secretly acting it out again in my bedroom ;)

8. Happy Ending - The Little Mermaid ♥
I love this piece of music and it gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it. I'm sad that they don't sing the reprise of a song at the end of the princess movies anymore because I love it :')

7. Transformation - Beauty and the Beast ♥
This score reminds me alot of the tangled score 'Tears will Heel' as it starts off dark and sad then just gives you that Disney magic! I also love the singing at the end just like they did with The Little Mermaid :)

6. Main Title - The Little Mermaid ♥
I love this score for the same reason as the other Little Mermaid score..it gives me goosebumps everytime!

5. Main Title - Peter Pan 2 ♥
This score means SO much to me as it is actually the music they use at the beginning of Disney Dreams! in DLP so everytime I hear it, I just go back to my happy safe place ♥

4. The Great Thaw (Vuelie reprise) - Frozen ♥
As I said I'm in love with the Frozen scores and this is one of my favourites. I love the magic it brings at the beginning and then the Vuelie reprise is stunning!

3. Flying Home - Peter Pan 2 ♥
I love this piece of music and I just fall in love with it everytime I hear it :)

2. Epilogue - Frozen ♥
Nearly first but not quite ;) This is actually my favourite Frozen score as it just feels like Disney magic to me and the sounds are just perfection ♥

1. Reunion - Peter 2 ♥
I bet you didn't think a sequel would be top of my list! This score is PERFECTION ♥ It makes me feel that old Disney magic and I cry everytime as it means so much to me. I love every bit of it especially the end when Peter goes home :'( This score is just stunning and I recommend you listen to it!

That's it for my Favourite Disney Scores! I hope you enjoyed and that you were surprised at points ;) I probably missed some out but these were the ones I thought of and could find on Spotify :)
I actually made a Spotify playlist and Youtube playlist for you to listen to if you want!

Spotify - https://play.spotify.com/user/lilpinkrockstar/playlist/3Ail76muhJnoPWrsa3ygDl

Youtube - coming soon! 

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