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Currently I Am...♥ October 2014 ♥

Hey lovelies ♥ I normally do these earlier in the month but I wasn't feeling great to do this so I'm going to do this now :) Oh and decided to take 'calling' out as I don't ever call people ;)

Reading...Disney Princess Essential Guide, I'm just too cool ;)
Watching...Ever After High on Youtube!
Playing...Sims 3, gotta love it :)
Trying...to blog more!
Eating...pancakes like the fatty I am ;)
Drinking...Pepsi, simple.
Cooking...I actually 'baked' cupcakes the other week..
Texting...disney buddies :)
Pinning...I literally haven't use pintrest since I got it, oh well!
Tweeting...about disney ovibously! 
Crafting...gonna scrapbook after this..hopefully..
Doing...my christmas list, you can never be too early, only 67 days!
Going...nowhere at the moment..wanna go to Harrods though so I can go to the Disney Store bit ;)
Loving...Ever After High and Once Upon a Time...seriously fairytale girl for life ♥
Hating...that we still have 1 week till half term :/
Enjoying...getting penpal and pinmail in the post!
Thinking...about what posts I need to do ;)
Feeling...good but strange, haven't been myself to be honest lately :(
Hoping...that my Disney package and pins come before I go away in half term ;)
Listening (to)...so many songs, gunna do a October playlist I think :)
Celebrating...I've nearly done a full term at school!
Thanking...my Mum and Dad for buying me loads of amazing disney and ever after high books..geek for life ♥
Considering...my future...
Starting...to miss Disneyland Paris..I need to go again soon..hey skye if your reading..me and you next June when we finish Yr11, disneyland paris..aha ;)
Finishing...my Frozen card collection ♥ 

Until next time..bye lovelies ♥

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