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Living with Aspergers: Changing Your Destiny and Believing in your Dreams ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm sorry it's been over a week since I last posted but I've been busy and haven't really been in the mood but I'm back! I have at least 3 posts I wanna do stacked up before I have to start thinking so get ready for that :) I also hope you like the little change I've done to the blog, I felt it was getting too busy and crowded so I went for more of a basic theme and used a picture by David Gilson for my banner. I love his art so you should check him out here and here! Anyway I felt it was time for another 'Living with Aspergers' as I want to do one every month and didn't want this month to fly by without one ;) 

Anyway let's stop rambling...This month's topic is Changing your Destiny and Believing in your Dreams. I'm going to use 2 characters to help me this time just like Elsa did last month (she will be coming back) and they are Rapunzel from Tangled and Raven Queen from Ever After High. They both tie into my topic as Raven Queen is the daughter of the Evil Queen and her destiny is to be a villain in Apple White's (daughter of Snow White) fairytale but she doesn't want that, she wants to change her destiny. Tangled is about believing in yourself and your dreams so I thought Rapunzel was a good character to use :)

Over the past few weeks I've had plenty of talks about my future since I'm in Year 11 and college is right around the corner. Now as an aspie I've been told and I've read that you're not meant to suceed really. Some do, don't get me wrong but the general look is that aspies find it hard to do things for long periods of time and prefer to be at home doing what they wanna do but I wanna change that! I wanna make a future for myself and change my destiny. Now using the word 'destiny' you might think I talking about fantasy as you don't use that much much but I'm not..you can change your destiny, life or fate..whatever you call it! 
Just like Raven Queen, she is expected to just fall into the villain roll and follow her destiny but she doesn't and she becomes a 'rebel' as she wants to change her destiny. She may suprise and have to persuade people on the way that she's making the right choice but it's worth it. 

I have quite big ambitions to be honest. I want to go to college, then university so I can do the International Disney College program in Florida then be a graphic designer..big right?! Alot of people look at me in a funny way when I tell them as they think your really going to manage college and moving to Florida for a while then a proper job and I just smile. These are my DREAMS, if I work hard they may come true but they aren't guaranteed and I know that but I'll try my best. When I mention wanting to work in Florida for a few months I sometimes don't get the best reaction because as an aspie I find normal life hard but I would do anything to work for Disney. Disney teaches that you have to work for your dreams, they don't just happen..you have to face fears and believe in yourself. 
Just like Rapunzel, she has been trapped in a tower for 18 years and dreams of seeing the floating lights. She has to take the chance when she meets Flynn and she faces her fears of leaving into the big world and it pays off. She has bumps along the way but it works out. 

My personal advice other aspies all over is just believe and know your limits. Have dreams but know you will have to work to make them happen. It's ok to change your destiny and stand out, embrace you and your quirks! Even though my 'disablility' may want to limit things for me, I don't and I will chase my dreams until I reach them. 
I did this today on Photoshop..my first edit and I don't think it's too bad!

It's kind of fun to do the Impossible - Walt Disney

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