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Random Ramblings ♥ August 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I'm sorry it's been soo long since I last posted! My Dad was off all last week and we spent the week with him doing all different things :') I have so many posts that I need to do and have in mind it's incrediable so looking forward to that! Anyway I felt the need to do a life update today but decided to call it Random Ramblings instead to change it up abit ;) 

Back to blogging
I've been slacking lately alot...and I'm sorry :( I do all my blogging on the main family computer which is in the conservatory with no blinds..so when it's really sunny I can't go on the computer which is alot in the UK at the moment. It actually just rained so I took my chance! I also have been busy with my family for the past week but now I'm gunna get back to blogging and I have tons of ideas including gaming reviews/news, hauls, apsies and of course disney and disney pins! Oh I also know I forgot to finish my july photos snap challenge since I was away but oh well! I also think I forgot my July Favourites but I actually can't remember :/

Saying Goodbye to my Genie
Yesterday I heard the news that a true legend had passed by suscept suidcied. I'm talking about Robin Williams who is literally childhood ♥ To me he is my genie of course I'm just gunna copy what I put on instagram as it sums up my thoughts ♥ I also loved this tweet on twitter that touched me ♥

'rιp roвιn wιllιaмѕ 🌹 coмpleтely нearтвroĸen over тнιѕ 😭 ѕυcн an aмazιng acтor 💕 ι loѕт мy genιe 😩 people ѕay нe мιgнт oғ нad aѕpergerѕ and ιғ нe dιd..ғroм one ғellow aѕpιe тo anoтнer..rιp ❤️ yoυ ғιnally goт yoυr ғreedoм ✨' 

Sims 4 here we come!
Now if your a PC gamer or any gamer really you will know that the next generation of The Sims is arriving in less than a month and I'm SUPER EXCITED! I'm slightly annoyed that the base game doesn't include pools and toddlers which are big parts of my gameplay and the create a style tool isn't avaiable which I use all the time but there are some things that look cool so I'm ready for the Sims 4 but I know that I won't stop playing the Sims 3 anytime soon ;) Below is the 20min walkthrough that they brought out a few weeks ago on Youtube :)

That's it for now but I have more posts coming today to make up for my recent lack of posts so keep your eyes open for those! 

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