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Club Penguin Frozen Party ♥ August 2014 ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ Now this probably looks really random but I have my reasons even though I don't need to explain myself. Anyway I'm signed up to the Disney Movie Rewards UK and at the moment they are/were giving out free 7day memberships to Club Penguin as they were having a Frozen party! I used to play Club Penguin with all my friends years ago..I even had a membership! But haven't been on it properly in years so as soon as I knew I could get a free membership I took that offer and played straight away! As a MASSIVE lover of Frozen I was SOOO excited for this party as I love club penguin parties like the child I am ;) I'm going to give you a overview if you like of the party..and it's no way an adult point of view as I'm only a teenager but act and love things like a total child! On with the party...

Thought I'd start with introducing my little penguin..thinking about this game now...a virtual game where you live your life as a penguin..random or what?! ANYWAY, here I am :') As you can see I'm dressing as my lovely Queen Elsa with my snowman puffle and I'm loving it. If you play, remember or know of club penguin you should know that the penguin clothes always follow a theme and since it was Frozen party month, you could dress you penguins like characters in the movie. 




Wow aren't I great taking all those pictures for you lovelies...joking ;) These are all the clothes that they offered for the Frozen party excluding the troll costume which was nothing special just kind of creepy to be honest. I love these so much and my favourite thing is that they included OAKEN! I love him in the movie but sadly he's always missed out of the merchandise..he isn't even mentioned in some of the stories :( I was so happy when I saw him! As you can see they do Anna and Elsa in their coronation outfits and 'frozen winter' outfits. They also include Olaf, Marshmallow, Kristoff, Sven, Oaken and Hans :') I think that the costumes are perfect, they all look great and detailed just like the movie, they even included eyelashes! I should mention that you have to be a member to buy these items sadly :/

As part of the Frozen party, Elsa gives you a free ice palace to celebrate and transform your igloo :) They also have updated their igloo furniture catalog to a Frozen look which includes sleighs, castle doors, ice furniture, olaf parasols and beach items. I like the furniture they made for the igloos especially the parasol :') 

As I said Elsa gives you an ice palace just like hers to celebrate the party. Of course as soon I received mine I transformed my igloo into Elsa's palace which was stunning! In order to receive the ice palace you have to take part in some challenges by finding Elsa's snowflake all over the island. They are pretty simple to see and it doesn't take long to find them all :) I think that the details that they put into this ice palace is breathtaking from the stairs to the ice chandelier thing that Elsa makes in 'Let it Go'. You can even change your igloo's music to either the instrumental of Let it Go or In Summer. Since I went for an Elsa theme in my Frozen igloo Let it Go was my obvious choice ;)

Ah probably the most important thing to make this a Frozen party, the island change of course. Now on Club Penguin whenever they have a party the island changes to the theme. As you can see from the picture the island transformed into Arendelle to welcome their royal guests. I love how it looks from above and how they even added Elsa's Ice Palace to the map. The palace isn't actually open yet as Elsa is going to perform on Thursday (i think) to Let it Go. I'm not sure if you have to be member or not to watch but I hope not as my membership has run out now :(

The pictures above show the Town (left) and Plaza (right). I personally love it and think really captures the Arendelle image especially with the Arendelle symbol on the floor in the Town. All the shops and places are the same inside as they would normally be which is what normally happens in Club Penguin parties so I didn't mind. 

The Dock (left) might be my favourite transformation of the island as it's just stunning in my eyes. It is the castle and just love it to pieces as it looks like it does in the movie ♥ The lighthouse (dock) is also cute..I think it's meant to be the troll area with Kristoff's sled. I like both of these ♥

The Snow Forts (left) are no longer snowy but looks inspired by Olaf summer dreams. As you can see that the buildings are actually icy but if you use a heart emoji it will melt as true love thaws ♥ I also LOVE the forest and that they including Oaken's trading post :) They even included the barn that Kristoff and Sven stay in :') 

I love how much the beach looks like Olaf summer dreams! It is just perfection ♥ They even have sand snowmen! As I said Elsa's ice palace isn't open till tomorrow (i think) for her to perform in but someone at ClubPenguinCheats   showed them a picture of Elsa's ice place as someone found a cheat to enter using a code or something (details on the website). I personally love this Elsa palace if this is what it is going to look like. I think it perfection and just like the movie one with the long stairs up and little balcony :') 

As you can tell I absolutely love this party! There is loads more you can do including adopting a snowman puffle just like Olaf! The party started on the 21st August and lasts till 3rd September so we still have a week of Frozen party goodness :') Anyway, that's it for my Club Penguin Party overview..I may do more Club Penguin overviews in the future as I actually enjoyed this! 

I'll leave you with our royal guests...I think Anna might be abit excited ;)


Hannah Boxall said...

Looks great! Frozen is my fave disney movie!

Antonella said...

This is so cute!
Keep in touch
Antonella :)