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Living With Aspergers: Feeling Overwhelmed and Excited ♥

Hey Lovelies ♥ I was looking at my recent blog posts and saw that alot of people view my aspie ones like my recent chessington one. Now if you can remember...it's was AGES AGO...I wanted to start my own like series of posts called 'Living with Aspergers'. I did an intro but never did another post as I got super busy but now I'm happy to say I'm gunna try again and post one of those every month as I want to help others and make aspergers more aware to people! I'm wanna change the way people think about this and how people can help ♥ It may not be your kinda thing and don't worry I have more disney and things coming but I felt like doing this today :') I'm going to be writing this on a personal level so if you are a fellow aspie and are reading and thinking 'nope this isn't me' it might not be, everyone is different!

Anyways! Today's topic as you can read is 'Feeling Overwhelmed and Excited', now to a non-aspie this might sound like something you can handle in everyday life but this is a big thing to me and alot of other aspies. BTW...I'm gunna try and NEVER use the word normal as nobody is normal or perfect! 

I get very overwhelmed and excited over small little things that don't mean much like finding a disney book randomly or getting a present. When I say excited I don't mean like can't wait excited, it's more of a suprised excited. I have to jump around alot and even roll on the floor sometimes as I just can't contain my excitement and need to express it someway. I also get excited over things that are much too young for me and believe me I know it! I know that the disney princess clips in Claires are not aimed for 15 year olds but I have learnt not to care because I love them.

I also find rolling in a tight duvet helps tons! It might sound totally stupid but I've always loved it for years and now I know why as it is a common love/help with aspies. Believe me if you feeling overwhelmed and don't know what to do with all your hyperactive energy, just roll tightly in a duvet for a few minutes and you should feel so much better. I sometimes keep in my duvet for 1-2 hours!
 This one sounds really stupid but stroking actually helps. I love to be stroke like an animal even as it relaxes my tense bones, makes me feel calmer and helps my breathing.

My Dad taught me a quick breathing exercise which we do when I get too over excited or overwhelmed. You put your hands together in a praying postion I guess and push up while breathing in, bring yours arm slowly down while breathing out. It calms me down alot and helps my control my breathing. 

I think rap up my post today with one thing...I personally HATE when someone asks if I ok when I'm over excited or overwhelmed as I don't know what to say. I'm feeling over active and probably pretty out of it sometimes so asking me that won't help. I suggest just trying to calm me down or using one of the things above.

I bet all my friends and family reading this are cringing or something as the things that happen to me I don't normally share so your my first audience I guess. I'm doing this to help others and get aspergers known more. I have plenty more to come and hope you enjoyed this one :') I decided to use some disney pics and things to make this slightly more interesting ;) 

Anyways bye lovelies ♥ 

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