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My Current Obsessions - January 2014

Hey Lovelies! I hope you loved my last post about Frozen and how much I loved it! I thought carrying on with my obsession over Frozen..I would do a Current Obsessions post for January :) When I say obsessions I don't mean 'Oh this is cool, I'm gunna love this forever!' but 'OMG this is best fricken thing ever! I have to everything about that, watch everything about it and it will take over my life!' This is really because I have Aspergers which means that my obsessions will be pretty major and will take my life over for a period of time like when I watched Once Upon a Time for the first time with my friend this summer..I loved it so much, I had to watch every episode! It took me about a month to watch 44 episodes (Series 1 and 2)!! Anyway let's get on with it :)

If you read my blog regularly then you will already know I'm totally overly obsessed with Disney! I have loved Disney all my life...It kind of started in October 2011 when I watched Tangled on Disney Cinemagic and LOVED it...but my major obsession started about this time last year when I found out I was going to Disneyland Paris. I started listening to all the music and learnt all of lyrics, I wanted to watch every movie and everything! My life revolves around Disney at the moment! Then I went to see Frozen and it is my newest Disney related obsession..I want everything Frozen and I mean everything!! I know all the words to the songs and am fully obsessed!!

Guinea Pigs
I have never really liked animals too much, I hated the Zoo and Pet Shops..the only animals I liked were my friends. I couldn't go to Zoo's ever but last summer I faced my fear and went to the Zoo. I really enjoyed it because I got to use my amazing camera to take pictures of all the lovely animals. In September, my Sister went to a craft fair thing with her friends and saw some guinea pigs. She fell in love and immediately wanted to buy them but she couldn't..she came home and told my parents and they were like Nooo. But my Mum started looking and found two really cute guy guinea pigs..at this point I didn't want them at all. My sister got them for her birthday and now I absolutely LOVE them to pieces! Those guineas pigs are Fig and Oreo, who I wrote a blog post about not long ago. and they are the cutest things ever! I'm in love with them too much and the weirdest thing is that a few weeks after we got them I got diagnosed with Aspergers and they are like a theapy animal!

This will be short because I'm always obsessed with Sims so this isn't any different to usual..I'm trying the 100 Baby Challenge which I'm posting on here and I am loving download shopping right now! Happy Simming ♥

I have survived the hitatus! Series 3 was absoultely amazing!!! When I tell my friends that I waited 2 years for 3 episodes..it doesn't sound like a good deal but they were worth the wait! Alot of fans didn't like them but I loved the comedy they got in it and as a fellow Cumberbitch I LOVED Benedict's performace ♥♥ I won't say anymore as I don't want to give spoliers for other countries who are still to see the awesomeness!! #sherlocklives #missme

Yes I know most people love Youtube but right at this moment I'm obsessed with Zoella, Pointless Blog and Sprinkle of Glitter! I also love Tanya Burr and ThatcherJoe ♥ I have watched all there videos now and I LOVE Zafie ♥♥ and Baby Glitter is the cutest baby ever!!! If you haven't seen these guys yet..you should!!

Zoe, Alfie and Louise

Dance Moms
My sister has just found this show and I'm OBSESSED! I have only seen some episodes of Series 2 so I want to see them all up to the recent ones ♥ I love how stupid it is and know bitchy the Mums are!! If you watch it you will know what I mean!! If you have never seen it then you MUST before it is so addictive!!!

I watched Iron Man 3 the other week and just wanted to see all the other superhero movies again! I love Batman and other DC heros but Marvel is more me.. :) I bought an amazing Ironman jumper the other day but I think my favourite is Captain America! I was playing the new LEGO Marvel game with my sister and we were the Fantasic Four..and the Human Torch came up. I said to her 'OMG he was the fit one in the movies!'... I searched it up and it is the same actor that plays Captain America! Anyway I love Superheros right now ♥♥♥

Anyways this is my like January Favourite/Obsessions so I hope you enjoyed reading it. I LOVE all this stuff so I hope you will enjoy some of these too :')

Bye Lovelies ♥♥♥

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