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Hey Guys! This is my review or opinon on the newest Disney movie Frozen! I went to see it at the beginning of December like 3 days after it came out here in the UK. I made my two friends come with me because I HAD TO GO! I'm not going to include any spoilers in this post and if anybody comments please don't write spoilers or I will have to delete your comment..sorry :(

Anyway the story is about two princess sisters..Anna and Elsa. Anna is a clumsy, funny girl who doesn't really care about anyting. On the other hand, Elsa was born with magical powers to create ice and snow. The sisters are extremely close sharing the love for Elsa's powers but then one day an accident happens..The parents don't want Elsa to be exposed to the world so they locked all the windows and doors and Anna can't see Elsa anymore. When it's time for Elsa's coronation, Anna finds her dream guy and asks Elsa to give her blessing for the marridges...Elsa's says no which makes Anna push Elsa to her breaking point! Elsa loses control and shows all her guests her powers. Scared she runs away from everything..but what she doesn't realise is that she has set off an eternal winter! Anna tells her true love Hans that she has to find her sister and stop the winter..and that is where the story really starts!

Alot the way Anna meets a ice salesman called Kristoff and his reindeer Sven, a talking snowman called Olaf, some interesting trolls and an ice creature called Marshmallow. Of course because this is a Disney Princess movie there has to be some singing unless your watching Brave...
I LOVE all the songs in this movie and already know all the words to most of them! I love 'Do you want to build a snowman?' which Anna sings at the beginning through the door to Elsa, I feel this song is just so emotional and really shows us the loneliness of both characters..
I absoultely LOVE the song 'For the First Time in Forever' that both Anna and Elsa sing. I love all the lyrics and how excited Anna is to finally be out of the castle and the fear that Elsa feels. I also love towards the end of the song when you hear both of there voices because they are both so PERFECT ♥
I love Anna and Hans's song 'Love is an Open Door' because it is so funny and just great..I love how imperfect it is! I think it really sounds like a song from one of the High School Musical movies! I'm  I love Elsa and Idina Menzel who voices her. Let it Go really shows her vocal strengths and I think it really shows Elsa mood and how she feels. Olaf's song 'In Summer' is really cute and I just LOVE Olaf ♥ For the First Time in Forever Reprise is one of the most amazing songs ever because you hear both voices together again and I love the passion you hear with both characters in this song..this song is a real turning point :) I love the Trolls song and the beginning song aswell but not as much as the others. I also love Elsa's transformation in Let it Go ♥

All together I'm obsessed with this movie and I want to watch it over and over again. I love both characters even though I feel I can idenify more with Elsa. I really understand Elsa's stuggle alot because she has a power that you can't see from the outside but it hurts inside and it's can be scary..in some ways like Aspergers. She runs away when everyone finds out her secret and makes her fantasy to try and escape the curse. My bedroom, Sims and Disney are like my fanasties...I usually isolate myself in my room to try and escape from myself. 
She sings the song 'Let it Go' when she runs awau and makes her fantasy..and I really feel that song because I have to keep alot of things in when I'm out and people are around but as soon as I'm alone..I LET IT GO because I can't hold it back anymore...
In the movie her Dad tells her when she little to 'Conceal..don't feel..don't let it show' and I feel that sometimes I tell myself that and it's all about accepting yourself for all your inperfections which in a way are your perfections :) 

Over the past few months I have learn't that whatever happens your family will always be there and not to push people away because you never know when you will need them. This movie really touched me and I can't wait to watch it with my family because they mean everything to me ♥

In conclusion...I LOVED this movie probably more than I should have but oh well! If you liked Tangled then this is for you..or even if your a Disney fan this should float your boat because it is just like one of the classics already. If you haven't seen it then go and see it because it's a MUST! If you can't see it anymore in your area then wait till it comes on DVD because it will be worth it ♥

Rating out of 5

Sorry it's such a long post but it is worth reading ♥ Bye Lovelies ♥♥♥

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