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Hello...It's Me!

Hello..it's me..I literally feel like Adele! It is me though after all those months I'm actually back!! Can you actually believe it..did you think I was gone forever, at points I didn't know if I was gunna come back but today is the day!! I thought I'd do a 'currently I am' to get you guys back into my life :)

Reading...My Little Pony Comics and Books, I have loads to catch up on!
Watching...Disneyland Paris vlogs on Youtube, Sam4God, Ellie Steadman & That Disney Lover are the best!
Playing...not much really, I recently bought a Wii U but haven't got the focus to play at the moment.
Trying...to get back into blogging, let's see how it goes! 
Eating...anything cool, it's BOILING RIGHT NOW!
Cooking...I helped Mum make some Scrambled Eggs last night, they were yummy :)
Texting...I don't even know where my phone is!!
Tweeting...I've been looking at disney twitter accounts recently..not stalking!
Crafting...I made a scrapbook for my dog because that's totally normal!
Doing...alot of planning for an upcoming trip I will reveal later in the post..
Going...to comic con at the end of the month, exciting!!
Loving...that MLP starts again on 30th July, YAY!
Hating...that I'm not in Disneyland...yet...
Enjoying...the summer heat for the first time in ages!
Thinking...of how sleepy I feel.. * YAWN*
Feeling...excited for my upcoming magical trip!
Hoping...that the days go really fast because I can't wait to go away!
Listening (to)...just more and more MLP really..
Celebrating...how well my Youtube life is going :)
Considering...how hungry I am..do I really need that snack?!
Finishing...my sticker albums, I love them!
Starting...to get REALLY EXCITED!! 
So that's that done, hope your slightly updated :) I'm gunna keep the blogging train hopefully, I'm hoping to do another blog post tomorrow if I get time :)

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